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The live three-day broadcast of the NFL’s Draft last week gave not only football fans but the rest of the sporting world the hope that one day soon that we all might see our favorite sport once again live.

I would never confuse the Draft for an actually sporting event but you have admit it was a welcomed sight and hats off to all of those that were involved in pulling off such an endeavor.

The buzz generated by each day of the Draft was a welcomed experience by not only sports fans but it was an uplifting event for the entire country as it seemed to show that maybe there is a little light at the end of the tunnel and the broadcasting of a live sporting event is not that far off. NFL officials need to be commended for going ahead even with all of the obstacles that it faced and for three days allowed all of us fans the opportunity to once again to be able to envision the sight of a sports competition taking place regardless if it was racing or a ball and stick sport.

Opening the country back up to live sporting events will not be an easy call for the person in charge as it is not like our country has the ability to put the Coronavirus in a box and return it to China. It’s here, its been here and it’s going to be here for the foreseeable future.

There isn’t going to be a magical date on the calendar where like June 21st is the beginning of summer that you can say this is going to be the day we all return back to normal.

The new normal will still be social distancing and the absence of large gatherings such as sporting events but it does not mean that we will not once again experience live sporting events.

NASCAR may have received the green light last week to begin exploring a timetable for the return of the Cup Series when North Carolina Governor Ray Cooper said that NASCAR teams can work in their race shops if they maintain social distancing guidelines.

Race shops had been idle ever since the governor issued a stay-at-home order weeks ago but now they can once again go about preparing cars for when the schedule resumes.

That was one of the major hurdles for the sport to return to the track as now the focus shifts to scheduling races at tracks that have been given the green light to once again put on races.

Texas and Florida officials have both said that would welcome racing back in their states without fans but it appears that NASCAR may be wanting to test the waters closer to the Charlotte area which is considered the home of the sport as the majority of teams and those that work in the sport reside. Darlington Raceway in South Carolina is now being mentioned as the site of the first race when the series returns.

Darlington has been cleared by its state leaders to host a race sometime this spring. Darlington only had one race on the schedule and that was it annual Labor Day event but one proposed new update of the schedule has the Cup Series returning to racing there on May 17.

That same schedule has the series coming back to Charlotte Motor Speedway for a 400 mile race on May 20 followed by the track’s traditional Memorial Day 600 mile race on May 24.

Following the two races at Charlotte the haulers will head north on May 27 for a short track race at Bristol Motor Speedway.

This would be the only race of the four that would be making up one of the races that has been postponed due to the Coronavirus. That would be a tough restart to the schedule as that would be four races in an eleven day span but it would give not only race fans but everyone in the country the hope that we are on our way back.

There are far more serious decisions to be made than rescheduling a race but it would be a positive step that the country could use in what will be a long tough road.

Steve Mickey writes about NASCAR for HD Media.