We are already a week into the New Year and I would like to let you in on a few on my resolutions that I have made for not only myself but also a few that I have for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. Now we all know that it is easier to make resolutions that to keep them so with that theme in mind, let's get started.

I'm going to get the obvious out of the way first because my ever popular "eating smarter in 2019" resolution has not started off like I envisioned but I will say that after a week my resolution of exercising is still intact. Those are my two resolutions for the year and if I can bat 500, 2019 is going to be a heck of a year.

Now to my racing resolutions and this first one is going to be tough as it deals with our family trip to Daytona's Speedweeks. I have convinced my wife that this is the "big" winter break that everybody dreams about but she keeps saying that she heard there was a beach there and that people enjoyed seeing the ocean in the middle of winter. Up to this point I have her convinced that you can't spend enough time around the track and that whatever night they drop a green flag that it is mandatory that you be there. She never used to complain as long as Rusty Wallace was on the starting grid but since he is retired, I feel like I am going to have to drive by the ocean one year so she can send home a picture of the beach.

This next resolution is another tough one as I love talking racing to any fan I come across and this doesn't mean just in person as social media has really given us the opportunity to expand our racing fan base.

I resolve to never again argue the merits of the system that is now used to determine the series champion. I still come across fans that have the mindset that the old point system was better and that it crowned the true champion. I don't have any problem with the old point system as I have a lot of "old school" in me and I respect all the champions that were crowned but the system that is in place now continues to build drama from February to November. That just wasn't always the case back in the day. It also gives a driver that you might not think has a chance to win the championship the opportunity to finish on top. Just ask Joey Logano how he feels about this system.

I also resolve to sit back and really enjoy all that the veteran drivers bring to the sport this season. I am as guilty as any fan of not appreciating how much the elder statesmen of the sport bring to each race on the schedule.

The retirements of drivers like Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart and Dale Earnhardt Jr. have us missing them not only for their driving but also for their personalities. I'm all for the young drivers coming up and would be the first to admit that their success is so vital to the health of the sport but with experience comes wisdom and that shows up on race day.

This resolution hurts more than any of them as I resolve to never go to a race this season and lament over the way the atmosphere around the track has changed. I always loved the midway activity outside of the track as there was so much to do and unfortunately for the family budget, there was also so much to buy. I know those days are gone and now it is up to NASCAR to make sure the fans get the experience they want with the racing at each stop on the schedule. If that means tweaking the rules and I sure hope it also means an overhaul of the schedule down the road then make the changes. It's time that the sanctioning body listens to the fans and also the drivers to create a rule book with a schedule that keeps everyone engaged from the first green flag at Daytona to the last checkered flag at Miami.