Photo Courtesy MC Football The Mingo Central coaching staff dressed up like super heroes from the popular movie "The Avengers" for their preseason video for the 2019 football season.

RED JACKET - The Mingo Central football program has been well known for their preseason videos and being very active on social media since the school opened in 2011.

They took that to the next level when they released "a preseason football video unlike anything in this universe" last Wednesday, which nearly immediately went viral and was shared around the Mountain State and even beyond.

The Miners coaching staff along with photographer and Booster Club President Wes Wilson released a video themed around the popular Marvel movie "Avengers: Endgame", which was by far the highest grossing film of 2019.

"This has been something that we like to do each year, it just something to get the kids excited, get some excitement brewing around the program, and just a good way to kick off the season," associate head coach and screenwriter Joey Fields said. "A lot of people think we are over the top or extra but you see the Clemson's, Ohio State's, and the Oklahoma's on Twitter all doing the same thing. Kids buy into this stuff and they get excited. It's kind of been a staple for our program. As long as our kids like it we're going to keep doing it."

Several members of the Miners coaching staff, including Fields, head coach Josh Sammons, and assistant coaches Logan Lester, Jacob Staton, Ashton Cline, Terry Harrison and Cameron Smith all took part in the six-minute-long video. Fields said that they started working on the video with coaching staff back in May and they even had to buy all of the costumes for the video.

"All of the other coaches were bought into it, without them we wouldn't be able to do it," Fields said. "It makes it fun, and I feel like if there's excitement around the locker room and excitement around the program then it transfers over to the field and that's the goal."

The video is already approaching 20,000 views on the various social media platforms and the YouTube account used to post the video and was even recognized by a national blog called

The Mingo Central coaching staff has done several videos in the past including a series of commercials based on the popular ESPN ads like the "This is Sportcenter" commercials and "The Heisman House" commercials which features past Heisman winners.

They also held their own Wrestlemania, or as they called it "Miner Mania" which saw members of the coaching staff act as announcers, referees, and wrestle against one another.

Fields said that the videos sometimes rub people the wrong way but they are all in fun and just a way to help promote their program.

"I told our players the other day, I said do you think we like dressing up like Iron Man and The Hulk just to have fun?," Fields said. "No we don't. We do it to advertise our program and let our program be seen statewide and even nationally so that they pay more attention to what these kids are doing on the field and in the classroom. The more attention that we get in a positive way only helps these kids achieve their goals which is maybe playing at the next level and winning a state championship. I think all of that factors in and all of that is intertwined into the buy in of the program and the team first."

To watch the 2019 Mingo Central preseason video go to their Facebook or Twitter page or search Mingo Central Football:Endgame on

Jarrid McCormick is a reporter for the Williamson Daily News. He can be reached by email at