WILLIAMSON - One of the more popular fishing spots along the Tug Fork river is smack dab in the middle of the city limits in Williamson near the Williamson Water Plant in what has been dubbed the "killer dam."

The "killer dam" is a low-intake dam that holds back a few feet of water in the river in order to supply the drinking water intake pipe for the city.

Anglers fish the waters below the dam as all different types of fish swim up river in order to feed around the dam.

At least every other day a member of the "Friends of the Tug Fork" Facebook page posts a picture of a fish or three with the caption, "they were biting good at the dam today."

Local fisherman need to fish as much as they can at the dam while they can because a dam remediation project was presented and approved at the Williamson City Council meeting this past week which would change the current lay-out of the dam and make is passable for kayakers.

The spot is currently a danger to all kayakers on the Tug particularly ones that are not familiar with the water.

Back in the summer of 2016, the Williamson and Belfry Fire Departments had to team together to save a kayaker from drowning after trying to go over top of the dam.

The National Coal Heritage Area Authority has been working toward getting the Tug River designated as a water trail and hopes to accomplish that goal before the end of 2019.