HUNTINGTON - Fans of Spring Valley and George Washington will have Sept. 27 circled on their calendars.

That's the date the two Mountain State Athletic Conference football teams will meet head to head at the Wolves Den for a real game instead of the seven-on-seven match that took place Tuesday at Huntington's Bob Sang Field and resulted in the two squads being ejected from the event after fights broke out on back-to-back plays.

The two squads finished pool play in the ten-team event with 3-0 records but after four series a fight broke out away from the ball between a Patriots receiver and a Timberwolves linebacker. The players were separated and one more play run but another fight broke out in which both sidelines cleared.

While coaches separated the teams and argued among each other, Huntington head coach and event organizer Billy Seals called for the ejections of both teams.

The Timberwolves' junior varsity squad permitted to stay. That team had been playing in another game elsewhere and wasn't involved in the fighting.

The teams left the field and players and parents made their way to the parking lot without further incident.

Coaches from the other teams playing at the time also began arguing with the G.W. staff until the all of the Patriots coaches and players had been forced to leave.

The incident followed a similar fight between the Patriots and Ironton Fighting Tigers during a seven-on-seven camp at Marshall University a week ago. That fight was isolated to two players however and resulted in no ejections and no further incidents.

The seven-on-seven drills are permitted during the three week open period.

Fairland coach Melvin Cunningham used the drills to workout three potential quarterbacks with his skill receivers and defense. Spring Valley coach Brad Dingess said his Timberwolves typically don't participate in seven-on-seven events but said such events give his team repetitions.