HUNTINGTON - Some of Marshall University's football players were back in pads on Thursday evening.

No, it isn't quite practice time, but it is fast approaching with camp set to open on Aug. 2.

Instead, the players in attendance were at the Shewey Building taking care of the annual photo shoot that assists with promotions and introduction videos once the new season gets underway.

The event also offered the players a bit of a surprise - the unveiling of new all-white jerseys, which are typically the road jersey for the Thundering Herd.

When Marshall cornerback Chris Jackson walked into the room for his portion of the shoot, he let out a big yell and got his teammates' attention, which helped show off the new unis for 2019.

The reactions to the jersey helped build energy for the shoot.

"Oh yeah, I'm definitely loving these all-white jerseys," Jackson said. "Definitely love them."

Zac Littleton, Marshall's director of equipment services, said that Marshall tries to get one new jersey each year, whether it is a new home set, new away set or an alternate set. This year, it was time to get new road jerseys.

When Littleton ordered them in February, he wanted to do something that combined tradition and new-age style.

"It was like you go with a new look and style, but you are paying homage to the old uniform because it is similar to the older style we used to do," Littleton said.

The major difference is that the white jerseys no longer have a colored shoulder cap, which has been both green and black in recent years. Instead, it is a solid all-white that looks vintage while adding in some new flavor with subtleties.

"I feel like that's a throwback," Marshall linebacker Jaquan Yulee said with a smile. "That's a throwback to the old Marshall when they were winning everything - championships and all. That's just a surprise and something we've got up our sleeves."

Fellow linebacker Darius Hodge was quick to chime in right after Yulee.

"I want to wear them every game, if we could," Hodge said. "It was a shocker to me. I walked in and was like, 'All white?' Okay!'"

The shoulder cap of the jersey now features Marshall's "The Herd" logo, which runs through the 'M'. Also, the 'Marshall' on the front is larger than it previously has been, adding a unique feel with a vintage touch.

The all-white jersey was not the only change in the uniform scheme for 2019.

Littleton also said the Herd's green pants are now also all-green, meaning that there is no longer a black stripe down the leg, as was the case before.

The inside back collar of the jerseys also have "We are...I am" stitched to them.

All jerseys this season will have a commemorative '150' patch on them, which is in celebration of college football's 150th year. That appears on the right front of the jersey above the C-USA logo.

It is not immediately known whether C-USA will provide a commemorative logo in celebration of its 25th year as a conference.

C-USA MEDIA DAY: Conference USA Media Day officially kicks off the 2019 season on Wednesday and Thursday in Frisco, Texas.

Marshall will be represented by head coach Doc Holliday, along with center Levi Brown and cornerback Chris Jackson -- both seniors.

Both players are expected to be going into their fourth year starting for the Herd in 2019.

ABOUT TIME TO GO CAMPIN': Many Marshall coaches are taking time off over the next two weeks to get in vacation time before the start of the 2019 season.

Marshall coaches will be back in town by July 28 when the Herd hosts its final high school camp -- the Elite Showcase Camp -- at Joan C. Edwards Stadium and Chris Cline Indoor Athletic Complex.

Players are set to report on Aug. 1 with the team's first practice taking place on Aug. 2.

Marshall's season opens on Aug. 31 when VMI comes to Huntington for a 6:30 p.m. contest at Joan C. Edwards Stadium.