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UPDATE (08/30): Charges were dismissed without prejudice against Jeffrey R. Timmons in a hearing at Mingo County Magistrate Court on Thursday, Aug.29. The charges were dismissed when the arresting officer, patrolman J.T. McCown of the WPD, could not attend the hearing due to personal reasons. 

Charges dropped were four felony counts of computer fraud, petit larceny, and tampering with a motor vehicle. He was being held in the Southwestern Regional Jail on a $10,000 cash only bail until his release.

A case that is dismissed without prejudice can be revisited and charges can be reissued in the future. 

WILLIAMSON - A Belfry, Kentucky, man was arrested after police allege he broke into a car on West 3rd Avenue in Williamson on July 15, stole a purse and proceeded to use the to use the victim's credit card to make four online purchases.

Jeffrey R. Timmons, 25, was arrested Aug. 20 and charged with petit larceny, tampering with a motor vehicle and four counts of computer fraud by the Williamson Police Department, according to a criminal complaint filed in Mingo County Magistrate Court.

Timmons was walking along the sidewalk on West 3rd Avenue in Williamson when he allegedly spotted a purse inside of a vehicle. He proceeded to leave and changed into a black hoodie and when he returned he opened the car door, grabbed the purse and fled the scene on foot, according to the complaint.

A man was allegedly caught on video surveillance footage from a nearby residence. After the video was turned into authorities and posted on social media, Timmons was identified within 24 hours, and warrants were made for his arrest.

The purse contained a wallet with approximately $300 cash with a total value of all items taken were $725.

Less than a week later on July 21, Timmons allegedly attempted to use the victim's credit card and to make four online purchases from several retailers for a total value of $1,450.

The larceny and tampering with a motor vehicle charges are both misdemeanor offences, but the four counts of computer fraud are a felony offense. If convicted for those charges, he could face up to 10 years in prison and $10,000 in fines.

Timmons was arraigned in Mingo County Magistrate Court by Magistrate Jim Harvey and was sent to the Southwestern Regional Jail, where he is being held on a $10,000 cash bail.

Residents are urged by local police to keep their car doors locked at all times, even if they are only going inside for just a few minutes.