As the city of Logan, West Virginia, comes to life, one young man stands still.

Poised with one arm raised against the mountainous landscape, the bronze statue is armed with a grenade and a rifle. He looks onward, with an expression of determination and resilience.

The statue, commonly called Logan County's "Doughboy," was erected in 1928 to honor West Virginians who served and paid tribute to those who were injured or perished in World War I.

During the war, the term "doughboy" was a common nickname for foot soldiers. Though the term was widely used, presumably describing the soldiers' ill-fitting neutral uniforms, historians can't seem to pinpoint a single origin.

Once situated outside the Logan County Courthouse, the statue was relocated to Midelburg Island, where it's stationed between Logan High School, the Logan Stadium and Logan Middle School. Over time, the community has ensured its maintenance, getting repairs when necessary.