NEW RICHMOND - Jake Bishop doesn't really remember the play that well.

It was one of those experiences in life where everything kind of slows down, one where the memories of the event remain on the fringe and it is all very blurry.

But make no mistake, it is one of those plays that will remain in the lore of Wyoming East sports.

The play was his touchdown reception from quarterback Seth Ross that gave the Warriors a 12-6 victory over rival Westside in 2017, when both were sophomores.

It was his first career touchdown and the only one he had that season.

This season they will start their senior seasons against rival Westside Sept. 6 at the same location, the War Zone.

Of course, Bishop has bigger expectations that go past the season opener, but he reflected on that catch recently when he was asked if that was his biggest play to date.

"That is surely one of them," he said. "It was crazy, it's all a blur. I just remember looking at (Ross), catching the ball and looking up and seeing the ref calling it good."

Bishop has had an outstanding career for the Warriors, last year leading the team with 28 catches for 452 yards and five touchdowns.

Over the last year, he has 54 catches for 762 yards and six touchdowns.

Safe to say, he has developed a good chemistry with Ross since that touchdown against Westside.

"We have played together for a long time," Bishop said. "We've probably played together seven or eight years. We've always been on the same team. We used to play basketball together. The chemistry has always been there. He's been throwing to me five years, so it's always been there."

Ross knows he has a weapon in Bishop.

"We've been together a long time throwing the ball around," Ross said. "We have a real good chemistry and he is a big target."

First-year coach Larry Thompson has seen a lot of tape from the last couple years and he also recognizes what he has in the two-sport standout.

"Bishop is a very big target with a lot of experience," Thompson said. "We can line him up inside and we can line him up outside. Bishop is a great receiver who has had some college interest. He is one of those guys who can play tight end, inside, outside, he can do it all at the receiver position. I love the fact that he is a big-body receiver. He knows how to use his body well and he made a lot of plays for Seth last year."

Bishop admits that, at 6-foot-4, he likes to use his height.

"I like to use it a lot because I'm usually bigger than (the cornerbacks trying to cover him)," he said. "I like to use it to get places where they can't go."

Bishop also likes the new offense that Thompson is installing and he has become a big fan of his new coach, who has created excitement in the community and the program.

"He is making the game a lot more advanced than it was (in the past)," Bishop said. "Our overall (football) IQ and effort is better. In a lot of ways, it's a fresh new start."

Bishop said he thinks that Thompson coming aboard and the return of several key players will spell more victories for the Warriors this fall.

That's why he has not set any goals for the season except the obvious: winning each week.

"For myself, I'm not really concerned about any (personal goals)," he said. "For the team, we are just going to do as good as we can. We have a lot of new stuff we are putting in and the efforts been there. When we put that all together I think it's going to be a really good thing."

Partly because of the emergence of Caleb Bower at running back (1,290 yards, 12 TD) last fall, the passing game was not where it was two years ago. But Caden Lookabill (9 receptions, 131 yards, one TD) has emerged as another weapon on the outside with Bishop and several of the better athletes are out for the first time, which should help free up Bishop in the secondary.

The Warriors have a scrimmage Saturday, Aug. 24, at Wheeling Park on the Island in Wheeling, site of the Super Six in December, before they head into the bye week on the opening week of the season.