NEW RICHMOND - His stats aren't the most overwhelming, but it did not take Larry Thompson long to realize he had a leader in senior fullback/linebacker Alex Hall.

He doesn't mind doing all the small things that don't make the final boxscore.

He does the things that need to be done.

Like on offense.

Hall sees his job as a fullback being more of a lineman in the backfield, leading the way for backs like Caleb Bower (1,290 yards last season) to grind out the yardage. Who better to stamp out a linebacker trying to fill a gap than another linebacker?

"I do see myself as an extension of the (offensive) line, just because I do block a lot," Hall said. "I don't get as many carries as a lot of the other backs do, but I am definitely an extension of the line."

Not that he can't run the football if called upon.

Last season, Hall carried 46 times for 204 yards and two touchdowns, and he has 69 carries for 260 yards and three touchdowns in his career. On defense, his game is the definition of a grind-it-out, team-first player.

The thing of which leadership is made.

"The ultimate leader," Thompson said. "He is our clear-cut captain on this team. He starts both ways. He is just one of those kids that you hate that he is a senior. You wish that he could be a freshman every year because of what he brings to the table."

"I feel I have more leadership than I have put out in the past," Hall said. "Honestly, I am trying to lead this team. I'm trying to lead them to a positive season and maybe even the playoffs. That is our goal."

His attitude toward the game is driven not by personal goals but by team goals. He would be just as happy with a block that frees up Bower for a score than score himself. Then again, who better to get that short yardage carry dragging linebackers down the field than a linebacker in the offensive backfield?

"I've never really played for goals, like personal goals because I'm more of a team guy," Hall said. "I like to do whatever I can to help out the team. But if I can carry five or six guys on my back every play, I feel like I'm helping out the team more than anyone."

The expectations are amping up for this squad, more so perhaps than many teams would get coming off a 2-8 season.

That brings along added responsibility in the form of excitement and even pressure.

"There is a little more pressure and there is a lot more excitement," Hall said. "People are excited to come out and see us play. We've got everything we need. Definitely more pressure, but it's just another season, it's just another game, it's just football, really."

It is Hall's last season, so Hall and his fellow seniors feel it a little more than the underclassmen in the building.

"It's my senior year, my expectations are through the roof," he said. "I want to go out with a bang."

He wouldn't mind the opportunity to extend his career after high school, and with that in mind he attended a couple of prep combines over the summer.

"I went to the Appalachian Prep Combine and the U.S. National Team Combine and they both taught me a lot, both offensively and defensively," Hall said.

The Warriors have their bye the first week of the season and will open up with rival Westside for the Golden Coal Shovel on Sept. 6.