Dear Governor Justice and alleged elected representatives flying above 30,000 feet to rule:

You said you would keep trying things on the drug crisis until something works, yet you refuse a different tactic!

Functionally disabled intractable pain sufferers were never invited as opioid roundtable stakeholders to relate legitimate medical need and proper disciplined use in this Pareto Distribution where the “millions of doses” implied to all be abused in newspapers daily are in fact 70% legitimate!

WV’s response was “Addiction Recovery and Overdose Prevention,” accepting addiction as a given! Why not “Addiction Prevention,” intervene in teen “first exposure” to all addictive drugs, and strict adherence to alcohol drinking age, the true gateway drug?

Benzodiazepine, surpassing overdoses as you read, are ignored like 2013 warnings of “Fentanyl laced street drugs” which arrived in 2015 causing three years of record deaths. The difference now, Benzos have NO antidote as opioids!

Fentanyl vaping devices discovered in California this month will again catch WV unprepared because you continue to focus on a single drug, opioids, from a single source, pain clinics, when numerous iterations and different drugs diverted from many sources are ignored.

The only way to avert the inevitable re-emergence of record overdose deaths in 2022, predicted in a recent study, would be to start over from scratch.

Douglas Hughes