I’m a native of Logan County. I was visiting Logan in June 2019 and couldn’t believe the condition of the roads in Logan and surrounding counties, for example Hugh Dingess Mountain, Mudfork Mountain, Big Hart, just to name a few.

These roads our a HAZARD TO DRIVE ON. Earl Ray Tomblin and Joe Manchin did nothing for your roads while governors and it seems as you have a do-nothing governor now.

Start calling you representatives, road commissioner, senators and governor. If that doesn’t put a fire under them, VOTE THEM OUT until some one listens.

It takes everyone working together to get this done. Use your voice, make it loud and clear that you have had enough. Where are all your taxes going?

West Virginia is a beautiful state; it just needs roads to drive on to see the beauty! This is my voice being heard for the people of rural West Virginia.

Donna Morris

Hartwell, Georgia