PINEVILLE - Here is the July arrest report released by the Wyoming County Sheriff's Department. Arrests are organized by date; then each entry includes the suspect's name, last known town of residence, charges, and name of the arresting officer or officers.

July 1

n James Richard Browning, Hanover: wanton endangerment, shooting withing 500 feet of dwelling; Deputies Blankenship and Hedinger.

July 3

n Vaughn Preston Mitchem, Coal City: domestic battery, strangulation without permission; Blankenship and Hedinger.

n Darrell Lee Lane, Pineville: DUI, fleeing, driving revoked; Deputy Logan Cook.

n Kelly Michelle Gibson, Clear Fork: driving revoked for DUI; Deputy Bill Toler.

July 6

n Ronald Rick Ryan, Mullens: domestic battery; Deputy Scott Cook

n Justin Chase Justice, Pineville: obstructing an officer; Deputy Tyler Sizemore.

July 7

n Jamie Lee Watts, Huff Creek: contempt of domestic violence petition; Deputy Nick Parker.

July 8

n Christopher Anthony Nelson, Rock View; domestic battery; Deputy Todd Reilley.

n Derek Nolan Milam, Coval; wanton endangerment x 2, conspiracy; Deputy Christian Hedinger.

July 9

n Bradley H. Buchanon, Itmann: probation violation; Deputies Hedinger and Johnson.

n Carlos Guan Patino, Kopperston: domestic battery; Deputy Matt Lane

n Jennifer Lynn Lusk, Kopperston: domestic battery; Deputy Ernest Harper Jr.

n Tony James Rose, Pineville: DUI, possession of a controlled substance x 2; Deputy Logan Cook.

July 10

n Ricky Dale Bailey, Glen Rogers: domestic assault, brandishing; Deputy Ernest Harper Jr.

July 12

n Clayton Trent, Marianna: probation violation; Deputy Matt Lane.

n James Larry Smith, Ravencliff: driving revoked; Deputy Nick Parker.

July 14

n Glory Faye Rice, Pierpoint: domestic battery x 2; Deputy Nick Parker

July 15

n Joseph Caleb Sizemore, Pineville: driving revoked for DUI 2nd offense; Deputy Logan Cook.

n Dickey Joe Lusk, Stephenson, domestic battery; Deputy Logan Cook.

July 16

n Kendra Kathleen Lawrence, Pineville: DUI; Deputy Tyler Sizemore.

July 17

n William Carl McKinney, Allen Junction: indecent exposure, petty larceny; Deputy Matt Lane.

n Bobby Lee Tilley, Lycno: domestic battery; Deputy Bill Toler.

n Alexis Louann Cook, Pineville: domestic battery; Deputy Kenny Wallen.

July 18

n Joshua Cade Mitchell, Ravencliff: battery; Deputy Tommy Blankenship.

n John Wayne Workman, Cyclone: failure to appear, escape, Possession Without Prescription, Obstructing; Deputies Johnson and Blankenship.

n Gavin Lee Mongold, Glen Rogers: murder; Deputy Tommy Blankenship.

July 19

n Max Ray Correll Jr., Clear Fork: domestic battery; Deputy Will Hall

July 20

n Michael Lee Riggs, Sabine; domestic battery 2nd; Deputy Tyler Sizemore.

July 21

n Christopher Lee York, Kopperston: trespassing; Deputy Nicholas Parker.

n Jessica Ritchie, Sabine: attempted arson 4th, Daytime Burglary,Assault on an Officer; Deputies N. Parker and E. Harper.

n Jessie Dewaine Tolliver: Oceana, capias; Deputy Tyler Sizemore.

n Everette Collins, Pineville: domestic battery 2nd; Deputy Eric McKinney

July 22

n Joseph Caleb Sizemore, Pineville: malicious wounding; Deputy Tyler Sizemore.

n Marc Francell Scott, Bud: domestic battery; Deputy Tyler Sizemore.

July 24

n Shon Morris Johnson, Clear Fork: domestic battery, destruction of property; Deputy Nick Parker

July 26

n Michael John Cook, Mullens: domestic assault; Deputy Todd Reilley.

n Jeremy Tyler Lee Gibson, Clear Fork: domestic battery; Deputy Tyler Sizemore.

n Dewayne George Bishop, Simon: Possession with intent to deliver x 2; possession without prescription, fleeing on foot; Deputies Sizemore and McKinney.

July 28

n Jonathan Thomas Clendenin, Fayetteville: domestic battery; Deputy Tyler Sizemore.

July 29

n Haven Ray Stewart, Oceana: driving revoked for DUI; Deputy Eric McKinney.

July 30

n Edward Allen Turpin, Davy: domestic battery; Deputy Tyler Sizemore.

n David Scott Sizemore, McGraws: domestic battery; Deputy Matt Lane.

July 31

n Kristy Darlene Spainhour, Brenton: driving suspended; Deputy Christian Hedinger.