JESSE - Teresa Addison is hoping her new business is a success.

It already smells like roses.

The Saulsville woman recently opened her new business, T Floral and More, in Jesse on July 15, moving from her previous location when she worked out of her home.

The new location is located in Jesse, between Pineville and Oceana and next to the Hillbilly Sisters Salon.

Addison said the new venture represents a dream come true, a dream that has been over four decades in the making.

"It's something that I have always been interested in, since I was a little girl," Addison said. "Whether it was flowers or crafty things. I always wanted to do this, but I was always afraid to make the jump."

She has always been fully supported and encouraged to give business a try by her husband Rick and her family.

She finally received a little push - a needed push - from her friend Janet Walls, who owns and does her hair at Hillbilly Sisters Salon, located right next door to her new location. In fact, you can access either shop through an inside door.

"I had talked to her several times about opening my own place," Addison said. "She was always good to listen to me and encourage me. She told me she thought the pallet store (her new location, which is also the former location of the Cakery) was going to open up soon. One day she called me and said the store was available."

Still, the old fears flooded back, and she pondered the thought.

"I prayed a lot about it," she said. "Finally, it came to me, just do it. It was like Nike. Only it wasn't Nike, it was God."

That's when she made the leap into entrepreneurship.

It's something she has always done, finally selling stuff from her home in Saulsville.

But she was doing this long before it was a business.

"My husband Rick (they married in 1984) has a large family," Addison said. "We were trying to figure out what we were going to get everyone for Christmas one year, and I decided I would make something. I made straw hats, glued things on each one and everyone really liked them. I guess that was in about 1984 and it really, it just took off from there."

Over the years, Addison figures she has worked for most of the florists in Wyoming County.

She even worked for Ned Crews, a bit of a legendary type florist in the county.

"I worked for him for three years and I really learned a lot about the business from him," Addison said. "I think at one time just about anybody who bought arrangements in Wyoming County bought them from Ned Crews."

Her business at home came mostly from posting on Facebook.

Now she is hoping to expand on what she has in her store.

And it is more than just fresh flowers, which, she noted, will always be the freshest around.

But that isn't all that she has in store, and the ideas are continually improving as she builds on to her business.

Addison said she will continue to brainstorm even more.

One she has come up with, unique to her store, is casket sprays for funerals.

"That idea came to me one night when I was laying awake thinking of ideas," Addison said.

While sprays are expensive, her idea is to rent sprays for one day, $30 for one and $45 for two.

She also has a display of unique wood carvings by her husband, Rick. Two currently outside are a handmade wind chime and also a carved penguin.

Fragrant wax tarts, she said, are also popular items, and she has several different scents available.

She also sells plants, silk arrangements and gifts, including candles.

Addison she does not have formal training. Instead, Addison said, she relies on the best teacher - and that is experience. She said she often refers to her four-plus decades of involvement in the industry.

"I don't know why, but it's something that just came naturally for me," she said. "It's a gift from God."

Addison said she is hoping to have a grand opening sometime in September.

"I really could not do this if it wasn't for the support of my family," she said. "My husband Rick and my kids have been a great encouragement to me."

Teresa and Rick Addison have three sons, Travis (30), Trevor (25) and Trey (14).

Addison is a 1982 graduate of Oceana High School.