PINEVILLE — The Wyoming County Sheriff’s Department has released its arrest report for January. The arrests are arranged by date, then each entry includes the name of the suspect, his or her last known town of residence, charge or charges, followed by the name of the arresting officer.

Jan. 2

  • Brandi Jolyn Massey, Oceana, capias, Deputy Joseph Cornett.
  • James Richard York, Oceana, capias, Deputy Joseph Cornett.
  • David Scott Sizemore, Mcgraws, domestic battery, Deputy Nick Parker

Jan. 5

  • Misty Leeann Mullins, Pineville, domestic assault, Deputy Nick Parker.

Jan. 6

  • Billie Jean Hatfield, Glen Fork, grand larceny, Deputy Logan Cook.
  • Russell Chapman Hearn, Bud, burglary, violation of a DVP x 3, Deputy Eric McKinney.

Jan. 7

  • Derek James Lester, Pineville, DUI, Deputy Logan Cook.

Jan. 8

  • Steven Jarel Bledsoe, Brenton, domestic battery, domestic assault, Deputy Mike Johnson.
  • Misty Marie Jenkins, Cyclone, worthless check x 2, Deputy Tommy Blankenship.
  • Douglas Allen Jenkins, Cyclone, battery on an officer x 2, obstructing an officer (Logan County warrants), Deputy Tommy Blankenship.
  • Chad Lewis Bailey, Oceana, probation violation, Art Houchins.
  • Tommy Dale Acord, Lynco, fugitive from justice (Ohio), vapias x 2, Deputy Logan Cook

Jan. 9

  • James William Malone III, Brenton, Cruelty to Animals x 4, Deputies White and Johnson.
  • Jonathan Ray Ball, Brenton, Contempt of a DVP x 3, Deputies White and Johnson.

Jan. 10

  • William Cody Thomas, Mullens, capias, possession of a controlled substance, Deputies McKinney and Sizemore.

Jan. 12

  • Dannie Ray Hicks Jr., Oceana, possession without prescription, Deputy Logan Cook.

Jan. 13

  • Michael Lee Griggs, Rock View, domestic battery, Deputy Shane White.
  • Jonathan Lee Cook, Clear Fork, kidnapping, malicious wounding, domestic battery, brandishing, Deputies Will Hall and Logan Cook.

Jan. 14

  • Brittany Marie Johnson, Allen Junction, fugitive from justice (Florida), battery, Deputy Logan Cook.
  • Steven Preston Stone Jr., Oceana, family court pickup, Deputy Earnest Harper Jr.
  • Vick Ramsey Jr., Oceana, destruction of property, obstructing an officer, Deputy Logan Cook.

Jan. 15

  • Joshua Michael Hargis, Pineville, driving revoked, Deputy Tommy Blankenship

Jan. 16

  • Robert Edward Graham, Pineville, domestic battery, Deputy Logan Cook.
  • Joey Jay Cline, Simon, family court pickup, Deputy Matt Lane.
  • Michael Paul Cook, Pineville, DUI, Deputy Logan Cook.

Jan. 17

  • Jerry L. Brown, Glen Fork, family court pickup, Deputy Mike Johnson.

Jan. 18

  • Kristy Darlene Spainhour, Baileysville, petit larceny, Deputies Matt Lane and Nick Parker.

Jan. 20

  • Robert Edward Dennis, Clear Fork, first-degree sexual assault, sexual abuse by parent or guardian, Deputy Todd Reilley.
  • Jamie Wash Church, North Spring, driving suspended, fleeing in vehicle, Deputies Sizemore and Parker.
  • Jerry Wayne Goins Jr., Hanover, driving revoked, no insurance, leaving the scene, Deputies Sizemore and Parker.
  • Harold Kurt Lamb, Oceana, receiving or transferring stolen property, Deputy Earnest Harper Jr.

Jan. 22

  • James Michael Perdue, Rock View, possession of marijuana, Deputy Tommy Blankenship.
  • Mitchell Harvey Golden, Oceana, brandishing, Deputy Will Hall.
  • Homer Eugene Perdue Jr., Pineville, DUI second offense, driving revoked, no insurance, Deputy Logan Cook.


  • Darla Marie (Cantley) Reed, Mullens, family court pickup, Deputy Tommy Blankenship.

Jan. 24

  • Steven Eric Blankenship, Oceana, capias (Raleigh County), Deputies Sizemore, Hedinger, Parker.

Jan. 25

  • Dannie Ray Hicks, Kopperston, domestic battery, possession of controlled substance x 2, Deputy Logan Cook.

Jan. 26

  • Tyler Jerrery Lester, Briar Creek, capias, Deputy Nick Parker.

Jan. 28

  • Terry Wesley Shrewsbury, Bud, DUI (third), driving revoked for DUI, no insurance, Deputies Hedinger, L. Cook.
  • Freddie Joe Cline, Simon, driving revoked for DUI, Deputy Tyler Sizemore
  • Andrew Thomas Adkins, Cyclone, possession of controlled substance, domestic battery, Deputy Matt Lane.

Jan. 29

  • Jonathan Ray Ball, Brenton, violation of a protective order, Deputy Logan Cook.
  • Brittany Lawona Sizemore, Pineville, worthless check, Deputy Mike Johnson.
  • Franklin Emerson Day, Pineville, family court pickup, Deputy Logan Cook

Jan. 30

  • Tabitha Lynn Johnson, Oceana, felon in possession of firearm, Deputy Logan Cook.
  • Kelly Michelle Gibson, Clear Fork, capias, Deputy Mike Johnson.
  • David Dwayne Lane, Brenton, capias, Deputy Eric McKinney.
  • Billy Ray Vance, Cyclone, possession without prescription, Deputy Don Cook.

Jan. 31

  • Lori Leigh Davis Elswick, Portsmouth, Ohio, fugitive from justice (Tazewell, Virginia) Deputy Don Cook.
  • Bobby Gentry Morgan, Clear Fork, domestic battery, Deputy Shane White
  • Stephanie Michelle Dixon, Lynco, DUI controlled substance, Deputy Tyler Sizemore.
  • Woodrow Shawn Cline, Oceana, possession without subscription, Deputy Nick Parker.
  • Donald James Morgan, Cyclone, driving revoked for DUI, Deputy Don Cook.
  • Earl Robert Gilley, Oceana, possession of controlled cubstance, Deputy Christian Hedinger.