PINEVILLE — Teresa Dean recently received a certificate from the Wyoming County Commission in honor of the late Chester Dean, who for years ran C & T Towing in Oceana.

Dean recently attended the Atlantic City Tow Show. Among the festivities were several awards and Dean was recognized with the prestigious Trusted Tower by the American Towman’s Association, among other awards.

Teresa Dean was nominated by two of the county’s fire chiefs, Mike Goode (Pineville) and Alvin Drake (Oceana). Ironically, neither chief knew the other was nominating her for the award.

At the same time, Tyler Blankenship of Hanover Wrecker Service was reaching out to the International Towing Museum about the Deans’ contribution to the towing industry.

Nobody knew the other parties were reaching out, a fact they chalked up to the Deans’ importance to the communities around the county.

The community support did not go unrewarded. And the Deans were big winners.

In Atlantic City, Teresa Dean also received multiple awards and certificates for her years of dedication to C & T Towing, which was started by Chester Dean several decades ago.

And Chester Dean was recognized by the International Towing Museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He has a plaque in the museum that reads “In Memory of Chester Dean and C & T Towing.”

Blankenship presented Dean with the certificate, and he was also in Atlantic City when she was honored.

“Chester created a legacy that we all here appreciated,” Blankenship said, noting his dad had worked with Chester when he was coming up in the towing business. “Chester and Teresa Dean were household names that everyone in Wyoming County recognize.”

Dean said at the Atlantic City show she was accepting the awards on behalf of Chester.

“He made this possible,” she said.

Blankenship said Chester Dean was definitely a household name in his home when he was coming up.

“Of all he stories my dad told me, I can’t count the times the stories involved Chester,” Blankenship said. “There was the story about the towbar on the wrecker. Chester asked Dad why he was doing it a certain way and Dad said it was the only way he knew how. Chester turned the pins on the towbar and showed Dad how the towbar could be extended out and placed in the center of the vehicle. Chester told my dad, ‘Make the baby come to Papa.’”

It was a phrase that has been passed on down the line and will continue to be passed down.

“When my dad taught me how to use the towbar he told me this story and told me ‘Make the baby come to Papa.’” Blankenship said. “I have four children that I hope to one day teach how to ‘Make the baby come to Papa.’ Chester’s legacy will live on inside my business, inside the community and in everything you (Teresa Dean) do.”