PINEVILLE - Law and Order in Wyoming County this week:

n According to documents filed in Wyoming County Circuit Court, a couple are alleging that the Nissan they bought is defective and they are seeking damages.

Timmy and Elizabeth Mitchell filed a civil complaint against Nissan Motor Acceptance Group seeking relief under West Virginia's lemon law.

The couple claim that the Nissan they purchased at a Beckley auto dealership continues to have the same mechanical issues since it was purchased.

In the suit the couple alleges the vehicle - a 2017 Nissan Rogue truck - has had the same repairs several times, which includes acceleration problems, loss of engine power, engine lags and these issues have devalued the vehicle. The problems, they said, continue.

The truck was purchased at Lewis Automotive Group for $28,779 and came with a five-year, 60,000-mile warranty.

The couple is seeking a relief of payments made, inconvenience, court costs and attorney fees. The plaintiffs are being represented by attorney David Thompson of Pineville.

Circuit Judge Warren R. McGraw has been assigned the case.

n Another Wyoming County man alleges he is also having truck problems.

Derek Hatfield claimed in a suit filed in the Wyoming County Circuit Court that he has had the same defects in his 2016 Ford F150 and has taken the truck to a mechanic multiple times. Among the malfunctioned alleged are a defective check engine light, there is a defect with the truck's idling and that it "runs rough."

Hatfield bought the vehicle in November 2016 from Ramey Ford Lincoln.

The truck, the suit says, was purchased for $41,795.86 and came with a three-year, 36,000-warranty.

Hatfield is seeking relief for the purchase price after financing and extras as well as court cost and attorney fees.

Attorney David Hatfield is representing the plaintiff.

n Clarksburg Police are looking for a missing man who is originally from Glen Rogers.

Police say Jason Wright, of Clarksburg, but originally hailing from Wyoming County, has been missing since Aug. 7.

His ex-wife Samantha Yarber said the man, a U.S. Army veteran, suffers from PTSD.

According to reports, all Wright's social media accounts have been either disabled or deleted.

Family and friends say say it is extremely out of Wright's character to have neither been seen nor heard from in over two weeks.

Wright has several tattoos, one an Ohio State tattoo on his forearm, Brandon and Shiloh on his upper arm and a military tattoo and the number one on his back calf.

He has three children.

Anyone with information should call the Nutter Fork Police Department at 304-626-4900.