MULLENS - The city of Mullens is planning a 4th of July Celebration all day on Thursday, July 4.

The celebration harkens back to the old celebrations every town used to have, right down to the apple pie, parade and fireworks.

"That is exactly what we were going for," Mullens Commissioner Christy Seaton said. "I've been told that Mullens used to have a Fourth of July Celebration. But I don't remember having one as a kid."

Seaton said she thought of the idea when she was running for commissioner during the last election.

"We wanted to give the people in Mullens a chance to be able to stay home and have something to do on the 4th," Seaton said. "When I started thinking about running (for office), I wanted to come up with something for people to do here in town. With a full day of activities, we hope everyone can find an activity."

One of the highlights is the fireworks show, which will kick off after a concert on the Mullens Opportunity Center (MOC) Main Stage.

"I believe that is the only fireworks show in Wyoming County and we wanted to give everyone an opportunity in the county to stay here and watch the fireworks," Seaton said. "You don't have to leave the county to see fireworks."

Along with that, a person can "sponsor" a firework for $10, $15 and $35 for a family member or soldier.

Before the parade there will be a program with Independence Day-themed poems and dedications, Seaton said.

The parade itself will be a little different. Several of the (Wyoming East) band members are in the middle of summer band, so they can't play in the parade.

"It's going to be small but it's going to be really cool," Seaton said. "Uncle Sam will make an appearance, riding on a tractor. Lady Liberty will also be there riding on a tractor. There is going to be a bike parade with people decorating their bikes. We also have some people who said they would decorate their baby strollers and walk in the parade."

On previous fliers, a pancake breakfast at the MOC was listed, but it has been canceled.

Seaton said she isn't concerned with overall attendance this year.

"We are hoping that the word gets around and people plan on being here next year," Seaton said. "We don't think people should have to leave home to celebrate the 4th. Hopefully next year people will know that we have this and they won't have to be away from home to celebrate the 4th of July. We wanted something for people to do, much like the Christmas Celebration we have every year downtown."

Vendors are welcome at the program, parade and fireworks.

The schedule of events follows:

n 11 a.m.: Sack races/3-legged races at the MOC

n 11 a.m.-5 p.m.: Dollar Swim Day at the city pool

n 2 p.m.: Lil Mr. and Ms. Firecracker on the MOC main stage

n 4 p.m.: Patriotic Pet Show

n 5 p.m.: Parade lineup

n 6 p.m.: Parade

n 7 p.m.: Blue Ribbon Apple Pie Contest main stage, MOC

n 8 p.m.: Concert on the Main Stage

A fireworks show will be held immediately following the concert.

Vendors are welcome to set up.

Adopt a firework can be purchased for $10, $15 and $35.

Ribbons and trophies will be awarded for contests and the parade.

For more information, contact Seaton at 304-673-0917.