MORGANTOWN — The Wyoming County Economic Development Authority’s Barkers Creek Industrial Park received the 2019 Brownfields Environmental Impact Award at the West Virginia Brownfields Conference in Morgantown, West Virginia.

The industrial park site in Tralee is currently providing 40 jobs to Wyoming County and has leveraged over $1,000,000 to the US EPA Brownfields Clean-up Grant ($200,000) that the EDA previously received and successfully completed this year to remediate and complete site construction.

The Environmental Impact Award recognizes a project, organization or community that has made a significant impact on the cleanup of environmental hazards through single or multiple projects.

The Barkers Creek Industrial Park was abandoned in 2000 and had previously been the site of a pressurized wood treatment facility and a storage location for equipment and trucks associated with a solid waste collection company. The Wyoming County EDA purchased the site in 2011 with the intention of redeveloping the site into an industrial park.

The Wyoming County EDA received an EPA Brownfields Cleanup Grant for the site and in July 2018, Main Street Builders began the cleanup. Workers have removed test barrels, installed silt fences, delineated contaminated areas, demolished concrete pads and block buildings, installed new fire hydrants, paved access roads and more. All brownfield remediation work was completed by September 2018, and all site work was completed shortly thereafter.

The site, which sits near the planned route of the Coalfields Expressway, is over 10 acres and will soon be available for business leases. The site can accommodate businesses ranging from 6,000 to 50,000 square feet. In February 2019, the Wyoming County EDA received approval from the WVDEP for a temporary tenant with a two-year lease to move into office units on site.

Barkers Creek is the second industrial park in Wyoming County. The John D. Rockefeller IV Industrial Park on Welch Pineville Road is on 7 acres of land and is at full capacity.