I do not have any children in public school, so why should I be concerned with education in West Virginia? Is it possible with increased education for students in West Virginia that unemployment could decrease and could the use of illegal drugs for people with little hope decrease?

The pedagogy that has been employed for the last 20 years is not being effective in encouraging students to enhance their knowledge or create a desire to go to school. Therefore, it is time to make changes in content and curriculum and to reduce the CSO's (content standards and objectives) so that teachers can instruct at a level that will advance students' knowledge.

If the teachers could instruct at the level that the students are performing, then a solid foundation of learning could be created and the student could then advance at a faster rate to new levels of learning. Is it possible, if the teachers could teach and not be hampered with standards that were designed for students in a perfect environment, which does not exist in today's classroom? Perhaps a combination of an enterprise school and a charter school would be of a benefit for the students. If the students with special needs and students that are slow learners were placed in a school that would have special needs teachers to work with these students, they can learn at a pace that develops their cognitive skills. As a result, the classroom for the other teacher would decrease in size and allow the teacher to spend more time with the other students. Maybe this would aid the other students to receive the instruction that they need and the ability to ask and get answers that would promote learning.

What if the teachers for these new schools were licensed by the West Virginia Department of Education and were participants in the state retirement system and PEIA insurance as they had in the county system where they previously taught? The new school could pay the teacher what they felt was appropriate for the content that was being taught. The teacher would be free of the WVDE standards and would be governed by a new board not the county board of education.

If this form of education developed, who would be the beneficiaries?

David Clark