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Time to face reality. Over 60% of the coal-fired generating plants in the U.S. are scheduled to be retired within this decade. Exports out of Hampton Roads, the largest exporting facility in the United States, were down by 26% in August compared to the same month in 2019. Year-to-date exports are down 21%.

The following European countries have planned complete phaseout of coal by 2030: France, Italy, Portugal, Finland, Ireland, Denmark, Spain and the Netherlands starting as early as 2022. Yes, we mine and use coal in Virginia. We also have started the process of installing the largest off-shore wind farm in the United States with two turbines already generating power. Ultimately the project will generate 30 gigawatts of electricity; more than one hundred massive turbines. Plan for the future; coal had a great run for over 100 years bur it can no longer compete with newer technologies.

Earle Mitchell

Springfield, Va.