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I proudly served on the Mingo County Board of Education for 12 years. I read with dismay the recent BOE meeting. Mr. Preece’s and Mr. Branch’s goals omitted the safety of our students, faculty and personnel. COVID-19 is not gone! The delta variant is here! Mingo County vaccination rate is a measly 19.8%, so 80% of our population is at risk. 607,000 Americans are dead. Last month over 10,000 Americans died from COVID-19, and 99.5% were unvaccinated. Vaccines save lives. Our less-than-12-year-old students are unvaccinated, and many older students and staff for various reasons. The BOE’s first and foremost goal should be to protect our students and personnel while safely educating our students. COVID-19 is not gone. Prepare for 2021, the third wave, and safely teach our students and protect them and our personnel.

James Endicott


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