On May 2-4, 2019, Logan High School hosted the WVSSAC Regional tennis tournament for the AA and A high schools in southern West Virginia. Under this direction, 15 tennis teams played 167 matches in three days, rain or shine.

With assistance from Thornhill Auto Group and the Shriners, the players, coaches and spectators received free meals and snacks, and the restrooms were stocked with all the "extras" the players could need when away from home.

Not only was the tournament a model of efficiency, the LHS coaches and staff provided exceptional hospitality. The sheer volume of the matches can cause these tournaments to be quite grueling, but LHS' attention to detail ensures that this event is enjoyable for everyone. Our team travels two hours to Logan for this event, but we look forward to the regional tournament each of the 3 years LHS has hosted because we know how hard the LHS coaches and staff work to make it special.

From the comments we hear from other teams and coaches, it's obvious that LHS' reputation as an outstanding host is secure.

We would like the citizens of Logan County to know that the exceptional efforts of the LHS team, coaches, staff and parents make the regional tennis tournament an event of which the entire county can be proud!

Sam Hilton


Kara McCutcheon

assistant coach

Ravenswood High School tennis team