Courtesy Williamson Police Department Pictured is a counterfeit $100 bill that was recovered by the Williamson Police Department from a local business. The WPD has received reports from several businesses of customers using fake money in recent weeks.

WILLIAMSON - Officers with the Williamson Police Department have been investigating two Williamson men for passing counterfeit money at local businesses in the Tug Valley area in recent weeks.

According to police chief Grady Paul Dotson, the WPD has obtained arrest warrants for Jordan Paige, 28 of Williamson, and Corey Marcum, 24 also of Williamson.

Paige allegedly ordered a pizza from Giovanni's in South Williamson, Kentucky, to his residence in Williamson. He paid the delivery driver with a counterfeit $100 bill.

Once the delivery driver returned to the store, management at Giovanni's checked the counterfeit bill and notified WPD.

In a separate incident, Marcum allegedly attempted to pass two $100 counterfeit bills at Hannah Gun and Pawn on 3rd Avenue in downtown Williamson.

According to Dotson, employees at Hannah's Gun and Pawn recognized the fake money and attempted to keep Marcum at the store, but he left. Store employees told Dotson that Marcum allegedly had a large amount of the fake bills in his possession.

Dotson also said that three $100 bills were passed at City Hall in Williamson in the past couple weeks for the payment of a water bill. He said that counterfeit bills have been reported from businesses on both sides of the Tug Fork River from as far as South Williamson to Matewan.

The chief said that the fake money is relatively easy to spot as they are "prop money," which is used in movies or music videos. He said that most of the counterfeit bills will say "for motion picture purposes" or "for promotional purposes."

Dotson said businesses should be extra careful and check all of their bills, and pay particular attention to bills of larger denomination.

Real money will turn gold if marked with a counterfeit money pen. Fake money turns black once marked. Those who come into contact with Paige or Marcum or encounter fake money are asked to call the WPD at 304-235-2570.

This is the second year in a row the WPD has had to investigate the use of counterfeit currency, as they also uncovered thousands of counterfeit dollars last February.

Jarrid McCormick is a reporter for the Williamson Daily News. He can be reached by email at