WEST WILLIAMSON - The historic Williamson Fieldhouse was built in the early 1950s, and much of the original structure is still the same.

Recently the Williamson Park Board had modern windows installed for the upstairs by Window World in St. Albans, West Virginia. Twenty-six window upstairs above the old wooden bleachers were replaced at a cost of $10,500. The downstairs windows are next on the list, once funds become available.

"Those old windows were in bad shape," said Brandon Ball, fieldhouse director. "I can already tell a difference."

Ball said the new windows not only look more aesthetic, but they should help with utility bills too, especially in the winter months. And he said even now it seems to be a little cooler at the Fieldhouse. The new windows have screens, where the old ones just opened and allowed weather or even birds to fly into the building.

"They have a lifetime warranty," Ball said of the new windows. "It was something that we needed for a long time."

Ball said they are trying to do more fieldhouse renovations.

"We have more plans, but it takes money," he said.

Ball said new gutters were recently hung because water had been seeping down one wall of the structure.

Ball said he and the Park Board have looked at some special huge ceiling fans, which could help with keeping the historic building cooler in the summer months and even keep the heat circulating in the winter months.

Cincinnati Flooring will visit in September to redo the basketball floor, which includes sanding and a new coating.

Ball said many events are planned at the Fieldhouse. The annual Bible Basketball Camp held by the First Baptist Church of Williamson will be the week of July 15. Former Sheldon Clark Basketball standout Carla Booth will conduct a camp July 25. Booth played college basketball and holds camps throughout the region.

A big high school volleyball tourney will be held in October, featuring teams from West Virginia and Kentucky.

Ball said the Park Board continues to apply for more grants in an effort to upgrade not only the Fieldhouse, but other facilities in the city. He said renovation work continues at Alexander Park on Vinson Street.

Kyle Lovern is the editor for the Williamson Daily News. He can be contacted at 304-236-3526 or via email at klovern@HDMediaLLC.com.