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W.B. Walker will record episodes of his Old Soul Radio Show podcast for eight hours on Friday, July 30, at The Loud.

Long before podcasting came into its own as a popular form of entertainment, W.B. Walker began his outlaw country and roots music podcast down in Mingo County eight years ago. Now heard around the world, this train-conductor-turned-DJ returns to the venue known as The Loud, formerly the V Club, to record multiple sets of his Old Soul Radio Show Podcast.

Taking place at 741 6th Ave. in Huntington on Friday, July 30, the $30 ticket will get you in for eight hours of live music beginning at 6 p.m. and ending around 2 a.m.

As the podcasts are recorded, the award-winning host Walker will welcome performances by The Winetree, Glen Simpson, Chelsea Nolan, Tony Lougue, Dalton Mills, IV and the Strange Band, Logan Halstead, Cole Chaney and Drayton Farley.

More information on this special event can be found at theloudwv.com and wbwalker.com. Walker’s podcasts can be heard at his website or at nearly all podcast sources including podcasts.apple.com. The video version of the show can be found on YouTube.

“I haven’t been to The Loud venue in a long time, so when they said they were opening back up after remodeling it, it meant a lot to me to do my shows there because they have been so good to me over the years,” said Walker. “When I knew they were going to open up their doors again, I wanted to do what I could to get some people in there and to get back on track.”

Walker took a break from recording his podcast during the heart of the COVID pandemic in 2020. But, during that brief hiatus, he came across new musicians who inspired him to revive the program.

“A guy named Drayton Farley sent his music to me during COVID and even though I wasn’t ready to do another show yet, while taking care of some personal matters, his music got me back to doing shows again because he is making stuff that I knew people needed to hear,” said Walker. “Drayton is from Alabama, and it means the world to me that he is coming to Huntington to do this show. He plays music that is in the Americana style, and he has some songs about trains, which struck some common ground with me. That is what drew my attention to him, so I thought I’d see what this old boy is going to sing about. I listened to him, and he blew me away.”

This will also be considered Walker’s birthday show as his birthday is July 31. Other musicians on the bill will include Cole Chaney from Catlettsburg, Kentucky, and Logan Halstead from Boone County, West Virginia, both of whom, Walker believes, are about to be break-out artists.

There is also an artist on the lineup with an historical connection to country music royalty with IV and the Strange Band. “IV,” aka the number 4 in Roman numerals, is the son of Hank Williams III, the outlaw country and heavy metal musician. That means IV is the grandson of Hank Williams Jr. and the great-grandson of Hank Williams.

Walker runs down some of the other artists that are scheduled to appear Friday.

“Chelsea Nolan has played my show in the past,” said Walker. “The first time I heard her, she blew me away. The Winetree are some good buddies of mine that reached out to me about four or five years ago about playing on my podcast. I didn’t know them from Adam, but I brought them down to Dingess, and we’ve been real close ever since. They are a great duo from the Winchester, Kentucky, area who play great music.

“Tony Lougue is a musician that I brought down to the house when I began to do my video podcasts on YouTube,” continues Walker. “He blew me away and is a great dude, and I knew that the next time I had the opportunity to do a live ticketed show, I’d want him on it. Dalton Mills is somebody that is in the same vein as Drayton Farley. When I took a little hiatus from my podcast, I found his music, and it was an inspiration for me to get back and fired up. I think he is one of the best songwriters out there, and his music is in the same mindset as Townes Van Zandt with a lot of his songs. He can make you feel something, I can tell you that.”

This will be a long day and evening for Walker, but it will also be a good night of live music and a chance to record his podcast in front of living, breathing human beings. He is happy to be the first gig in the newly remodeled club The Loud and thrilled to get his podcast rolling again with a full head of steam.

“It seems like every time you turn around, another new podcast is popping up now,” said Walker. “When I started doing it eight years ago, people thought I was kind of crazy. But, over the years it has been successful, and it has brought a lot of good music folks this way. I’ve been blessed to be able to do what I do. I still get messages from around the world. About a month ago, a guy from Australia sent over some shirts and license plates and stuff that I hang out in my barn. People like to send me stuff from their hometown to represent where they are from as they just want to be a part of it.”

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