Williamson Daily News

WILLIAMSON - A collision that could have been far worse left one driver sore and shaken but otherwise OK after an SUV collided with an 18-wheeler at the intersection of U.S. Rt. 52 and Interstate 119 during the evening rush hour Tuesday, Sept. 3.

Officers from the Williamson Police Department, Mingo County Sheriff's Department and the West Virginia State Police as well as the Williamson Fire Department and STAT EMS all responded to the two-vehicle accident involving an SUV and a Pepsi truck.

According to police, statements were taken at the scene from witnesses of the crash who indicated the Pepsi truck had the green light and was halfway through the intersection when the driver of the SUV, a juvenile female, ran the red light coming from town into West End on U.S. 52 and collided with the big rig from the side.

The driver of the SUV was treated at the scene as a precaution, and the driver of the Pepsi truck required no medical attention.

The southbound lane of U.S. 119 was completely closed for well over an hour as a large tow truck had to be brought in to remove the 18-wheeler, which had come to a stop on the Robert "Doc" Foglesong Bridge. Traffic on the northbound side was slowed but had one lane remaining open.