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Courtesy of LCSD Tracy Miller

LOGAN - A Logan County High School teacher has been charged with sending nude photos of herself to several male students at the school.

The Logan County Sheriff's Department was contacted by the administration at Logan High School Thursday concerning the possibility of a teacher at the high school sending inappropriate photos to several of the male students.

The administration at the high school advised that they were made aware of the situation when one of the students disclosed he had pictures of the teacher saved on his phone.

Sgt. Nick Booth, the PRO officer at Logan High School, was advised of this information by the principal. Booth interviewed one of the male students to whom the photos were sent at which time he observed the photos on the student's cell phone, according to a press release from the Sheriff's Department.

The teacher, 27-year-old Tracy Miller, started teaching at Logan High School in January 2017. She is a health teacher at the school. Numerous photos were reportedly sent to several students between the months of March and July.

Miller is originally from Boone County.

Miller was interviewed by Booth and reportedly confessed to her actions. She told the officer she had sent most of the photos through Snapchat. She said she did not recall the number of pictures sent and that she had possibly sent them to as many as five different students.

Miller was arrested by the Logan County Sheriff's Department on Friday and charged with three counts of distribution of obscene matter to minors. She was arraigned in Logan County Magistrate Court and bond was set at $20,000. After agreeing to cooperate with the investigation, the officers and Miller's husband signed off for her to be released on a personal recognizance bond.

This investigation is being continued by the Logan County Sheriff's Department. They're currently locating additional students or individuals that may have received photos from Miller. Additional charges could be filed if more pictures are discovered.The Logan County Board of Education said Friday that Miller was suspended and further action would take place after the court proceedings.