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PIKEVILLE, Ky. — The Pike County Health Department released reports for the month of October 2019. The following establishments were inspected in Pike County, including in the Belfry and Phelps areas.

The Pike County Health Department inspects every restaurant and other eating establishment twice yearly. They check food storage, preparation, personnel, restrooms, water and other possible health conditions.

Everyone working in a food establishment is required to have a Kentucky Food Handler’s card. All food establishments must have a person in charge during all hours of operation that is certified through the Food Manager class.

A perfect score on an inspection is 100%. Points are subtracted if violations are found. 85%-100% indicates compliance with health department guidelines.

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Here are the latest inspections for restaurants across Pike County.

Belfry Area Inspections Establishment Score Violations

Belfry Middle School, US Hwy 119, 97%

Belfry Elementary, Toler, 97%

CVS Pharmacy, Appalachia Plaza, 100%

Belfry High School Belfry 99%

Family Dollar Buskirk 91%

7-Eleven #35925H Belfry 95% 96%

Phelps Area Inspections Score Violations

Phelps High School Phelps 99%

Phelps One Stop Phelps 98%

Pikeville Area Inspections Establishment Score Violations

McDonalds, North Mayo Trail, *95% *Critical item #58; establishment has a fly problem.

Parkview Nursing & Rehab Nursing Home, Lane, 94%

McDonalds, Baird Avenue, 95%

Reynold’s Produce, ByPass Road, 100%

Pikeville High School, Pikeville, 97%

Landmark of Elkhorn City, W. Russell Street, 100%

Tudor’s Biscuit World Hambley Blvd 96%

Velocity Market #3 Deli, Zebulon Hwy, *89%, 92% *Critical item #18; deli slicer and meat saw in the walk in cooler, Food processor not cleaned or sanitized properly.

McDonalds Restaurant, Cassidy Blvd, 95%

Wendy’s Restaurant, North Mayo Trail, 98%

Dairy Cheer, South Mayo Trail, 99%

Mona’s Restaurant, Town Mountain Road, *90% *Critical item #33; establishment grows alfa sprouts from seeds for retail food items.

Sav-A-Lot, North Mayo Trail, 96%

Biggens BBQ, South Mayo Trail, 96%

Papa Johns Pizza, South Mayo Trail, 97%

Family Dollar, South Mayo Trail, 97%

Heavenly Donuts, South Mayo Trail, 98%

Dominoe’s Pizza, Pike Street, 97%

Little Caesar’s Pizza, South Mayo Trail, 93%

Dollars and Sense Salvage Grocery, South Mayo Trail, *95% *Critical item #13; canned food products observed that indicates swelling, leaking, rusting or severe dents. 3 cans dented and 1 can rust on bottom.

Pikeville Elementary, Chloe Creek Road, 100%

Pikeville Double Kwik, North ByPass Road, 97%, 100%

Sweetie’s Cupcakes & Sweet Shop, Town Mountain Road, 98%

East KY Expo Center, Main Street, *87% *Critical item #13; expired Grade A dairy, 1 gallon milk solidified. Item #25; food not clearly marked to indicate the date or day by which the food shall be consumed, sold or discarded; shrimp not date marked indicating expired date. What appears to be a large pot of refried beans not date marked in walk-in cooler. Item #29; Two chemicals in spray bottles, one red and the other yellow, not labeled to indicate the chemical inside found at 3-compartment sink near trash disposal. Stainless steel cleaner stored on food prep table

Elkhorn City Area Inspections Establishment Score Violations

Elkhorn City School Cougar Drive 100%

RFG Society W. Russell Street 97%

Sycamore Convenient Store, Elkhorn Creek Road, 92%, 100%

Elkhorn City Senior Center, Elkhorn City, 97%

Feds Creek Elementary, Feds Creek Road, 100%

Mouthcard Deli, South Levisa Road, 100%, 100%

East Ridge High School, Lick Mountain Road, 99%

Virgie Area Inspections Establishment Score Violations

Valley Discount Pharmacy, US Hwy 23S, 100%

Valley Elementary, Douglas Parkway, 100%

Westcare Kentucky, Elkhorn Creek Road, *92% *Critical item #18; chlorine not found after the dishwashing unit has completed cycle. Slicer on wall not clean.

Dorton School, Dorton-Jenkins Hwy, 99%

Caney Double Kwik, Caney Hwy, *86% 93% *Critical item #18; food contact surfaces not cleaned and sanitized. Can opener blade not clean to sight or touch. Equipment, food contact surfaces, utensils not cleaned at proper intervals. Ice machine not clean on interior. Item #25; food not clearly marked to indicate the date or day by which the food shall be consumed, sold or discarded. Chicken and beef did not have expiration date on product.

Nonnie Pop’s Rockhouse Road, 98%, 100%

Sunshine Diner, Long Fork Road, 95%

Shelby Valley Senior Citizens Center, Douglas Parkway, 100%

Virgie Double Kwik, Hwy 610, 97%, 97%