PIKEVILLE, Ky. — Longtime Belfry football coach Philip Haywood has organized a leadership event next week in Pikeville titled “Live 2 Lead in the Mountains,” featuring New York Times bestselling author and leadership expert John Maxwell.

The special broadcast event is set for from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 29, on the seventh floor of the University of Pikeville Optometry Building.

The event is a leadership development experience designed to equip attendees with new perspectives, practical tools and key takeaways.

“I think good leadership is something that is needed in all areas, not just here but all across America and all over the world,” Haywood said. “When you talk with people one of the big things they say is ‘We need leadership, we need people that understand leadership.’ And I think John (Maxwell) is the kind of guy that explains it in terms that people understand. It’s not way over there head or anything, that doesn’t mean that it is something easy to do, but it is pretty basic.”

Haywood, who has made a career of being a leader as a coach and a guidance counselor in the Kentucky school systems, said he felt that this event was a way for him to make a difference in the area and give back in a unique way.

“I’ve always thought that leadership was very essential to the success of any organization,” Haywood said. “I thought it was important if I had an opportunity to make a difference in this area in my way, related to leadership, which is something I have been involved in the majority of my life, then it gives me a chance to give a little bit back to the community and do it in that manner.”

Haywood said he has been involved with the John Maxwell team for two to three years now and was able purchase the rights to do a live-stream event in Eastern Kentucky.

Maxwell will also have four guests on hand to speak, including USA Today bestselling author Rachel Hollis, former senior vice president of Apple Retail Angela Ahrendts, global researcher Marcus Buckingham and financial coach Chris Hogan.

A special VIP package to the event can be purchased for $1,000, which includes eight tickets and a reserved table, a John Maxwell book, a live mention from stage of your organization and an executive coaching session with Philip Haywood, a John Maxwell speaker and trainer.

A group package can be purchased for $500, which includes a reserved table and eight tickets. Individual event tickets are $69.

The event is being sponsored by the Pikeville Medical Center and being hosted by University of Pikeville.

Jarrid McCormick is a reporter for the Williamson Daily News. He can be reached by email at jmccormick@HDMediaLLC.com.

Jarrid McCormick is a reporter for the Williamson Daily News. He can be reached by email at jmccormick@HDMediaLLC.com