Mountain Water District is conducting meter installations throughout Pike County, Kentucky, during the months of November and December or until inclement weather halts progress. They will begin again as weather permits in 2020.

The contractors for Mountain Water District who are performing the meter installations will wear reflective safety vests and name badges and have the Mountain Water District logo displayed on the sides of their vehicles. A Mountain Water District employee will accompany each crew.

Another project underway is the Belfry, Kentucky, pond sewer project sewer service sign-up.

All residents in the Belfry area from the mouth of Forest Hills to Murphy Bottom who have not yet signed up for sewer service are encouraged to contact Tammy Olson at the Mountain Water District office by calling 606-631-9162 as soon as possible to do so.

The cost of the tap fee is included in the project and is waived for residents within the project area who sign up during the construction phase of the project.

However, if a resident chooses not to sign up for the sewer service during the construction phase and decides that he/she wants the service at a later date, the resident will be responsible for full payment of the tap fee as outlined in the district’s tariff at that time.