Kyle Lovern/WDN Photo The Mingo County Board of Education are shown at the recent July meeting.

CINDERELLA - The Mingo County Board of Education revised its policy for substitute employees. Superintendent Don Spence read this statement at a recent meeting.

"It is expected that substitute employees will be available and accept offered assignments. The unavailability of a substitute employee or the refusal of offered assignments at excessive levels, regardless of the reasons for such unavailability or refusal, has a detrimental effect upon the efficient operation of the school system. However, in recognition of the occurrence of a reasonable number of circumstances beyond the control of substitute employees, a determination has been made to require substitute service employees to accept a minimum of 50% of all assignment calls during the school year. To determine compliance with this policy, the percentage will be reviewed at the end of each nine weeks. Upon any review where 50% of all assignment calls have not been accepted, a warning letter will be issued to the employee. Any subsequent review that shows that a substitute service employee has not accepted 50% of all assignment calls, the employee will receive notice via certified mail that the Superintendent will be presenting his/her name to the Board for termination. A substitute employee who is terminated under the terms of this policy shall not be eligible for employment with Mingo County Schools in any capacity for a period of two years following the date of termination. Retired service personnel serving as substitutes are exempt from meeting the minimum assignment calls."

The five BOE members unanimously approved the amendment of Policy 4120.

Several personnel moves were approved at the meeting. They included:

NEW EMPLOYMENT OR TRANSFER INTO EXISTING POSITIONS: Taylor Nicole Bailer substitute teacher MCS (effective July 10), Walt Cline from teacher/special education BK8 to coordinator of special education transitions MCS Itinerant (effective July 10) and Edith Michelle Ford teacher/options pathway-academic support MCHS to teacher/alternative education MELC.

NEW EMPLOYMENT: Mark Blackburn special education LK8 (effective July 10), Courtney Case teacher grade 4 MK8 (effective July 10), Joshua Endicott teacher law and public safety MCHS (effective July 10) (pending certification), Lisa Estep teacher grades k-6 LK8 (effective July 10), Phillip Nathaniel Mitchell teacher health PE MCHS (effective July 10), Lisa J. Justice teacher grade 1 WK8 (effective July 10), and Tracey McCartney teacher grade 3 LK8 (effective July 10).

RESIGNATIONS: Paul Douglas Martin teacher Graphic Design MCHS (effective June 30), Bradley Thomas Brown teacher music MK8 (effective June 27), Channing Daniels school psychologist MCS (effective July 5), Sam Fields teacher music KK8 (effective June 7), and Kristie Ball teacher Pre-K (special needs) (MK8 (July 1).

CREATE POSITION: Social Worker Mingo County Schools (for 2019-2020 school year) and Teacher/Title 1 WK8 (for 2019-2020 school year).

RETIREMENT: Deborah Lynn Shannon teacher / science GK8 (effective June 30).

TERMINATIONS: Nicole Speakman substitute teacher (LPN Instructor) phlebotomy and ECG instructor MELC (effective July 10) (failed to get certified).

EXTRACURRICULAR ASSIGNMENTS (new for 2019-2020 school year): Eric Davis athletic director LK8 (effective July 10), Felicia Messer coach girls soccer LK8 (effective July 10), Daniel Todd Slone II coach boys soccer BK8 (effective July 10) (pending certification), and Danielle Erwin assistant coach volleyball MK8 (effective July 10).

PART-TIME EXTRACURRICULAR : Gina Hicks teacher/special education for extended school year (effective June 12).

RESIGNATION: Jimmy Vance assistant coach football BK8 (effective June 7).

SERVICE PERSONNEL (new employment into existing position): Rhonda Colegrove bus operator (Tug Valley area) (effective July 10), Eric Davis welder / general maintenance MCS (effective July 10), and Nannie Caroline Spence executive secretary (transportation) (effective July 10).

New employment or transfer into existing position: Kimberly Dixon from aide/autism assistant teacher BK8 to aide /early childhood classroom assistant teacher MK8 (effective July 10).

LEAVE OF ABSENCE: Teddy May (effective July 1 through June 10, 2020).