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CINDERELLA — Mingo County Schools named the recipients of the 2019-20 Teacher of the Year and Service Personnel of the Year at their regular Board of Education meeting Tuesday, May 19, inside the Central Office building at Cinderella Hollow.

Justin Endicott, a fourth-grade teacher at Gilbert PK-8, was announced as the winner of the 2019-20 Teacher of the Year Award by Assistant Superintendent Dr. Johnny Branch.

Branch spoke highly of Endicott as he said he saw first-hand this year the effect Endicott has on students in his classroom.

“I had an awesome privilege of being in his (Endicott’s) classroom earlier this year when I saw a lesson of the most high caliber of instruction that I saw all year in our classroom visits,” Branch said. “And I’ve been in every classroom two to three times. It was just very exciting to see Justin Endicott working with his students, seeing those students pose questions on their own, and to see the collaboration of the high level of depth of knowledge.”

Branch also announced the winner of the 2019-20 Service Personnel of the Year as Patty Riffe of Dingess Elementary, who was recognized for her service to the youth of Mingo County.

Riffe has been the secretary for many years for the Dragons, which is the only elementary school left in the county.

The winners of the Teacher of the Year and Service Personnel of the Year awards for each individual school in the county was also announced:

Teacher of the Year

  • Brandon Cline, Mingo Central High School
  • Amy Salmons, Tug Valley High School
  • Jaclyn Hall, Dingess Elementary
  • Krystal Hall, Lenore PK-8
  • Allison Siggers, Kermit PK-8
  • Timothy C. Parker, Jr., Matewan PK-8
  • Travis Ward, Burch PK-8
  • Eric Wolford, Williamson PK-8
  • Justin Endicott, Gilbert PK-8

Service Personnel of the Year

  • Rhonda Hall, Mingo Central High School
  • Eliza Salmons, Tug Valley High School
  • Wendy Barkey, Williamson PK-8
  • Crystal Canterbury, Lenore PK-8
  • Christina Carter, Gilbert PK-8
  • Yvonne Sue Hamby, Matewan PK-8
  • Deanna Sturgell, Kermit PK-8
  • Cheryl Wolford, Burch PK-8
  • Patty Riffe, Dingess Elementary

Jarrid McCormick is a reporter for the Williamson Daily News. He can be reached by email at