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WILLIAMSON — When choosing a minister to officiate a wedding, most people would never think of Michael Myers from the “Halloween” movies, but that’s exactly what 11 couples from around the nation got to experience over the weekend during a series of weddings at the Old Hospital on College Hill in Williamson.

As it turns out, Tony Moran, the actor who played the unmasked version of Michael Myers in the original 1978 “Halloween” film, also happens to be an ordained minister. Moran, who has visited the old hospital a few times for other events, blended both his Michael Myers persona and his talent for tying the knot in a unique and fun way.

During each ceremony, Moran would either walk out with the groom or greet the wedding attendees, all while dressed in full Michael Myers attire and acting the part. The weddings were held in the courtyard of the old hospital, which was decorated with Halloween items. Most brides walked down the aisle with the iconic “Halloween” theme song playing.

After each ceremony, wedding photographers snapped photos. Couples then ventured inside the old hospital, where Moran gave autographed gifts including an autographed butcher knife, a photo and a miniature coffin.

Tonya Webb, co-owner of the old hospital and the City of Williamson’s event coordinator, explained that the location is open year-round as a venue for events like birthday parties and weddings. Webb said when the hospital was first advertised as such a venue, Moran’s manager reached out to offer his services.

Moran’s schedule allowed him to minister weddings this past weekend, and from Thursday to Sunday, weddings were scheduled in roughly three-hour intervals each day. Couples from as close as Logan to as far as Florida came to be wed by Michael Myers.

Webb said the high interest in the weddings was able to bring a significant amount of tourism to the Tug Valley over the weekend.

“One of the things that we talked about was how busy Williamson was this weekend,” Webb said. “We already have the Hatfield-McCoy Trail, so that helps as well, but I think with what we did this weekend, we kind of offered a little bit of a boom with it because most of our lodging was booked up for the weddings because they came in and stayed overnight, ate in the restaurants, stayed in the hotels and the BnBs that we have and spent a lot of money and time here in Williamson. They took pictures, and just about every couple that we talked to kind of fell in love with our little town, which is what we like to hear.”

When asked how he transitioned from killing people as Michael Myers to marrying them, Moran remarked that it’s “all about love.”

“It’s a deep love. If you have to kill somebody, OK, you love them that bad, you kill them you know? Or if you love them that much, you marry them,” Moran quipped. “I don’t know. There’s nothing more important than love. I’m making a joke, but love and hate and good and evil, it’s a fine line, it’s a really fine line.”

Moran also commented on how many fans were interested in being wed by him.

“I’d like to meet everybody … I want to meet everybody that’s a fan of me in this world,” Moran said. “I would love to. I wish I could. It would make me the happiest cat in the world.”

For October events for Old Hospital on College Hill, visit www.collegehillhospital.com, text or call 304-953-0987.

HD Media news reporter Dylan Vidovich can be contacted via email at dvidovich@hdmediallc.com.

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