Stephanie Prater

Williamson Daily News

WILLIAMSON - A Kentucky woman was arrested after police say she rented a car dolly from a local business in December 2018 for 24 hours and has yet to return it more than nine months later.

Stephanie Prater, 35, of Stopover, Kentucky, was arrested Sept. 7 and charged with grand larceny by the Williamson Police Department,according to a criminal complaint filed in Mingo County Magistrate Court.

The complaint states that on Dec. 13, 2018, Prater went to Duba's Enterprise Inc. and rented a U-Haul car dolly that was valued at $4,000. The rental was only for one day, but Prater never returned with the dolly.

A warrant was issued for Prater's arrest on Feb. 6 after management at Duba's notified the WPD about the issue. Prater was served with the warrant for her arrest and taken into custody by Mingo County Sheriff's Deputy Max Mounts.

Here are more criminal complaints filed in Mingo County Magistrate Court:

POSSESSION WITH INTENT TO DELIVER: Stephen Lee Chaffin, 36, and Jaimie Leann Hinkle, 33, of Delbarton were both arrested Sept. 10 and charged with possession with intent to deliver by the Williamson Detachment of the West Virginia State Police. Troopers were conducting a drug investigation in the Belo area on Route 65 when they detected the odor of raw marijuana emanating near the Tornado Drive area. The officers then made contact with Hinkle outside of her house and continued to smell the odor of raw marijuana as they walked toward the home.

Officers eventually made contact with Chaffin, who was a live-in boyfriend with Hinkle, and they told him about smelling the strong odor of marijuana. He then admitted to officers that he had been growing marijuana inside the home, and he signed a consent to search form allowing officers to search the house, according to the report. In the search officers discovered four mature marijuana plants all containing buds and also located a growing room complete with lighting and ventilation as well as growing chemicals, prepackaged marijuana seeds, growing pots and a grid system used to tie the plants up as they grew. The pair was arraigned in Mingo County Magistrate Court by Magistrate Donald Sansom and were sent to the Southwestern Regional Jail but have since been released on bail.

DOMESTIC ASSAULT: Billy Altice, 58, of Delbarton was arrested Sept. 10 and charged with domestic assault, domestic battery and obstructing an officer by the Mingo County Sheriff's Department. Altice is accused of pulling his wife's hair during an argument and threatening to kill her. He also damaged her phone to where the victim couldn't call for help, according to the complaint.

DAYTIME BURGLARY: Marvin Lee Vance Jr., 42, of Breeden was arrested and charged with daytime burglary and breaking without entering by the WVSP. According to the report, Vance broke into a home in Breeden and began threatening the homeowner with bodily harm. Vance allegedly had a metal pole and attempted to swing and hit the victim in the head. The victim then told the defendant to get out or he would call the police, and Vance allegedly threatened to kill the victim and burn his house down if he did. He then left the residence on foot.

LARCENY: Kayla Michelle Ooten, 30, of Delbarton was arrested Sept. 12 and charged with breaking and entering, conspiracy, petit larceny and destruction of property by the WVSP after she, along with two other defendants, allegedly broke into a residence in Varney and stole a pink laundry basket and an unopened pack of toilet paper on June 22. A door and window at the residence were also damaged, according to a police report.

DOMESTIC BATTERY: James Darrell Lester II, 31, of Red Jacket was arrested Sept. 9 and charged with domestic battery stemming from an incident April 5, 2011. He allegedly pushed his live-in girlfriend against a wall, choked her and hit her with her elbow, causing bruising and swelling under the victim's right eye, according to the police report.

DUI: Boyd Thomas Clark, 57, of Williamson was arrested Sept. 8 and charged with DUI, reckless driving and speeding by the WPD.

OBSTRUCTING: Carl Ray Newsome, 33, of Delbarton was arrested Sept. 10 and charged with obstructing an officer by the WVSP.

DRIVING SUSPENDED: Aaron Scott Adkins, 35, of Lyburn was arrested Sept. 11 and charged with driving suspended third offense, no operators and no seatbelt by the WPD.

DRIVING SUSPENDED: Ashley D. Sipple, 30, of Belfry was arrested Sept. 12 and charged with driving while suspended and no operators by the WPD.

Disclaimer: All defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. A criminal complaint is a document that alleges a criminal charge.