Courtesy of Rob Kuenzel Chapmanville attorney Robert B. "Rob" Kuenzel was recently appointed to the West Virginia State Bar Association’s Lawyer Disciplinary Board.

CHARLESTON A Logan County lawyer and Mingo County native has been appointed to the West Virginia State Bar Association's Lawyer Disciplinary Board.

Robert B. "Rob" Kuenzel, an attorney based in Chapmanville, received a letter from Kelly D. Ambrose, chairperson of the Lawyer Disciplinary Board, on July 18 confirming his appointment by State Bar President Anne Haight. The board hears cases involving complaints against lawyers.

"Self-regulation of the legal profession cannot work without the commitment of people like you," Ambrose wrote. "Having been a member of the Board for five years and a half years, and its current Chairperson, I can assure you that the time and effort you spend with us will be worthwhile and never boring."

Kuenzel has been asked to serve on the Hearing Panel subcommittee of the board, of which members preside over disciplinary hearings in groups of three. Each subcommittee is composed of two lawyers and one lay member.

One of the lawyers acts as a chairperson, making evidentiary rulings and conducting prehearing conferences. All members ask questions and consider all the charges and evidence before the Hearing Panel.

At the conclusion of the hearing and admission of the evidence, the subcommittee discusses the proceedings and prepares a report containing findings of fact, conclusions of law and recommended discipline if any.

The Hearing Panel's final report is then submitted to the West Virginia Supreme Court for final determination.

Kuenzel's first term of service began July 1 and runs through June 30, 2022. He will then be eligible for reappointment to a second three-year term. As a new member, his orientation is scheduled for Sept. 20 at Pipestem Resort State Park.

In addition to being assigned hearings, the entire board meets three times a year to consider general ethics issues, review reports and conducts other business, such as the issuance of formal opinions.

"The law is an old and honorable profession," Kuenzel said. "As a member of the Lawyer Disciplinary Board, I will be helping to ensure those practicing professionals accused of ethical violations receive a fair and impartial hearing. I am honored to have been selected for appointment to this important position."

Kuenzel, a native of Chattaroy, earned his Juris Doctor law degree from West Virginia University College of Law in 2001. His law office is located at 36 Adams St., in Chapmanville.

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