RED JACKET - West Virginia Delegate Mark Dean, R-Mingo, announced on his Facebook page Wednesday that a fundraising request has been secured for the Mingo Central High School baseball and softball complex.

The $20,000 grant, obtained through the Community Partnership Program, was forwarded to the Department of Education, which issued the money to Mingo Central.

"I am pleased to get any amount. Wish it would have been enough to finish the project," Dean said. "School Board Authority (SBA) should include fundraising in new school construction projects."

Dean said the facilities, promised by the former administration, are closer to reality.

"Through the hard work of many people in the community, the complex is closer to completion," Dean said. "This funding will hopefully allow them to be able to practice at the school complex. Games will still be a little while away due to the expense of lighting."

For the past seven years, the baseball team at Mingo Central have been using the baseball fields at Gilbert High School and Williamson's Lefty Hamilton Field while the softball team has been playing its games at Williamson High School.

Once completed, Dean is hopeful that this will strengthen the programs at Mingo Central High School.

Bill Lusk is a news and sports reporter for the Logan Banner and can be reached at 304-752-6950. You may follow him on Twitter @LogBannerSports.