WILLIAMSON — A family in Williamson had their home catch fire due to a cell phone overheating during the early morning hours Sunday, Nov. 3, according to Williamson Fire Chief Joey Carey.

The Williamson Fire Department responded to a call from Mingo County 911 of a structure fire at 711 Vinson St., around 6 a.m. Nov. 3.

Carey said his crew was on scene in two minutes and found an upstairs bedroom completely engulfed in flames.

They were able to contain the blaze inside the bedroom and save the rest of the home from receiving any damage from the blaze. The home did receive some water and smoke damage to the lower level of the residence below the bedroom.

Kevin Williams owns the residence and he was renting to Panzy Smothers, who lives there with her daughter and two granddaughters.

According to Carey, one of the granddaughters woke up to her bed being on fire, and they called 911. She was transported to Tug Valley ARH and was treated for minor burns to her foot. No other injuries were reported.

Carey said they believe the blaze started from a cell-phone battery pack that was plugged in to charge and laying in the bed. He said the phone was probably covered up with a sheet or a pillow, which led to the device overheating and the bed catching on fire.

The Chattaroy Volunteer Fire Department also responded to the scene with mutual aid.

The family will be displaced from the home, at least temporarily according to Carey, and he has got in touch with the American Red Cross in Charleston to help find other housing and donate clothes.