PIKEVILLE, Ky. — Pikeville attorney Glenn Martin Hammond filed last week to run as a Democrat for the State Senate District 31st in Kentucky.

“I hear so often from people all across our district they feel that both state and local governments no longer work for them, but instead, for the special interests,” Hammond said in a news release. “I intend to change that and bring balance back to Frankfort. My only special interest will always be for the betterment of our people and communities in which we live.”

He focus includes building our infrastructure, expand reliable internet access and service across the district, improve the public school system and combat the drug epidemic.

Glenn attended the University of Kentucky and Salmon P. Chase College of Law graduate and has practiced law for more than 23 years in Eastern Kentucky. He has two daughters, Reese and Brianne, and is active at his church, Pikeville United Methodist.

Democrat Scott Sykes of Elkhorn City and Republican Phillip Wheeler of Pikeville have also filed for the seat.