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Courtesy of Randy Rhodes

The descendants of George William Hall (1910-1952) and Ruby Jane Daniels Hall (1917-1949) recently gathered in their hometown of Williamson, W.Va., for the Hall Family Reunion 2017.

George and Ruby had 0 children: Elizabeth "Toodie" Hall, George "Jo Jo" Hall, Joan "Sue Ann" Hall Crawford, Paul Randall Hall, Odessa Hall Beckett, Kenneth Hall, Margaret Hall Walls, Madonna "Dee-Dee" Hall Rhodes, & LaHoma "Pete" Hall Caserta. The following family members are pictured: Griffin Beckett, Hudson Beckett, Carter Walls, Raegan Beckett, Randy Rhodes, Noah Rhodes, Daniel Arthur, Ryan Arthur, David Brock, Nate Brock, Eden Walls, Greta Walls, Dylan Walls, Charles Caserta, LaHoma Caserta, Destiny Blackburn, Wesley Rhodes, Myrtle Rhodes, Kitty Walls, Dee-Dee Rhodes, Matt Walls, Courtney Walls, Sarah Rhodes, Mack Dale Rhodes, Brooke Arthur, Liz Arthur, Jeff Arthur, Addie Hall, Marissa Gurello, Rosa Gurello, Michael Gurello, Sue Ann Crawford, Janna McLeod, Justin Carmody, Raeanna Carmody, Brinley Carmody, Donita Brock, Elizabeth Hall, Andy Brock, Justin Quiroz, Norma Mijangos, Shelley Quiroz, Alex Prokopchak, Stacie Beckett, Odessa Beckett, Dino Beckett, Glenn Walls, Butch Beckett, Margaret Walls, Scott Walls, Rhonda Walls, Logan Walls, Vicki Jo Marcum and Cydney Marcum. Family members traveled from places in California, New York, Florida, Virginia, Kentucky, and West Virginia to attend this reunion.

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