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The days that we are living in are comparable to the Apostle Paul’s journey to Italy.

His ship was tossed around for days with a monster storm. It was blown off course and suffered significant damage. Although parts of the boat were smashed in pieces, he eventually made it to his destination. As a nation, we have been on a ride of unexpected twists and turns. We have been tossed around by unusual circumstances and the poor judgment of our leaders. Just when we think the pandemic is over, more variants have rocked the globe. Natural disasters are becoming more frequent and more intense.

Although the future is uncertain, God’s word is always reliable. Just as Paul survived being shipwrecked, his words can help us weather our storms as well.

One of Paul’s popular phrases comes from Acts: 27:31: “Except these abide in the ship, ye cannot be saved.” Many preachers use this passage to preach the salvation message. It is also great advice to help stabilize us during tough times. We need to abide in the faith in Jesus and his word. The scriptures will be a firm foundation for our families and communities while many are sinking.

Families that pray together will still stay together. Faith serves as an anchor that will keep us intact. Storms will come and may even inflict damage, but trust in God will lead us to our destinations.

By faith, our nation has made it through tough times in the past. The famous picture of George Washington kneeling in prayer at Valley Forge depicts this fact as he victoriously led his troops in difficult conditions. Abraham Lincoln led the nation in prayer during the Thanksgiving Proclamation and gave God the credit for winning the Civil War. Franklin Roosevelt led the nation in prayer during World War II as our troops liberated Europe.

This anchor has held true many times before and can work again. If we feel shipwrecked and lost, we can reach out to the Lord. He is still in control and can be our rock today.

Ralph and Elizabeth Pyszkowski, your brother and sister In Christ. Comments welcome at rpyszkow@gmail.com.

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