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One of the most vital election issues for evangelical Christians is judicial nominees. Many times in the past, people of faith have been burned by the courts. The free exercise of religion, public prayer and expression has been restricted in many forms and fashions.

Some Christians have been penalized for practicing their faith by the court system in some cases. There are judges who respect the Constitution and the rights of Americans. Then there are radical judges who could care less and see the constitution as an “evolving” document. The opposing views are dramatically different and can greatly impact our way of living. It is more critical than ever that Christians engage in the political process and preserve our individual liberties.

Judge Amy Barrett has been a breath of fresh air for those who care about these issues. She has been attacked for her faith and unfairly treated for her conservative positions. All the more reason she will be committed to equal justice for all.

During the Senate hearings, she defined herself as an originalist. That means she is committed to the Constitution and interpreting the law with the original intent. This is reassuring to those people whose rights have been trampled and treated as second class. Knowing that this judge will not try to radically transform our nation and throw away our values should comfort all. It is also encouraging that Judge Amy Barrett is pro-life and has been mentored by Justice Scalia.

For those who understand the impact of judicial nominees, know the importance of voting. Billy Graham’s critical statement in 1952 is still relevant today: “I think it’s the duty of every individual Christian during election time to study the issues, study the candidates and then go to the polls and vote.” He obviously knew that God calls us to be lights to the world and salt to the earth (Matthew 5:14-16). Not only does this mean living out our faith in public, but engaging in the most important decisions of our nation.

We have the power to choose our government, impact the Supreme Court and make our nation a better place to live.

Ralph and Elizabeth Pyszkowski, your brother and sister In Christ. All comments are welcomed at