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As we see the signs of spring coming our way, it is a great time to remember the promises of God.

During the winter, we wait in eager anticipation for warmer weather, blooms that color the landscape and brighter days ahead. This season brings new life, new opportunities and a welcomed change from the dark winter.

God also transitions the times for us spiritually. Just as he set the seasons in order for our benefit, we can also be confident that he keeps his promises. We can expect the Lord to shift us from a dark winter to a “spring” revival. The best days for the church are yet to come.

It is recorded in Isaiah 40:31: “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” The majestic wings of an eagle are a symbol of strength. A bald eagle has a seven-foot wing span and can soar up to 15,000 feet. They glide with ease up to 75 miles per hour. This incredible power makes them a dominant predator as they conquer the skies. God has all-powerful strength that he gives to his church. He has called us to conquer and soar in his plans.

We do not have to fear or worry about the future. Sometimes the dark winter can cloud our vision and darken our outlook. Although things look bad, it is not time to give up.

“Spring” is around the corner, and God is faithful to his word. Let us trust in the Lord and have a hopeful expectation of what lies ahead. God moves in his timing and has a purpose in the process. That is why he encourages us to wait upon him. When the right time comes, we will glide past those obstacles that stand in our way as we conquer. The church is going to mount up with wings as eagles and soar.

Ralph and Elizabeth Pyszkowski, your brother and sister In Christ. All comments are welcomed at rpyszkow@gmail.com.

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