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Courtesy of Dawn Reed This photo is circa 1949. My grandfather, in a white shirt, grandmother, my mother, her little brother, a cousin and aunt are all headed to church -- without the dog. My great-grandmother is the one in the hat.

The lady had three sons. The eldest went away to war and came back with issues many veterans deal with. Her youngest son died at a young age from an accidental shooting. The middle son was unconcerned about God.

He went to church during his younger years but then had many other things to occupy his time. He married and had a little girl, the lady's granddaughter.

The older lady could have been discouraged; none of her men cared about loving or serving God, but she did not give up. She decided she would take her granddaughter to church and teach her about the love and goodness of God.

The little girl loved going to church with her grandmother. She loved God and everything about Him. One special day in 1948, she gave her heart to Jesus.

Shortly after, her mother decided to go to church to see what the little girl was so excited about. She began attending regularly and also gave her heart to Jesus.

One Sunday morning, quite unexpectedly, her husband asked if she would iron a white shirt for him. Very surprised, she asked "Why?" He wanted to go to church, too! It was the beginning of a long love relationship with God! He gave his heart and life to Christ and never looked back. He became a Sunday School teacher, a deacon, missionary supporter and so many other things. He helped the needy and encouraged the down-trodden.

When the little girl was older, she had a family of her own and taught her children about God. All their lives, through good times and bad, she reminded them that God would give them strength. She made them go to church even when they didn't want to because she knew it was best. She clung to God's Word and encouraged them to do the same.

That little girl was my mother.

My great-grandmother really DID change the world MY world!

Dawn Reed writes a weekly column for HD Media. She can be contacted at