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There’s a new corn maze in our area. My beloved and I hope to go this weekend.

The maze is the brain-child of Dwight Slone, best known for his award-winning pumpkins. This year, he broke the Kentucky State Fair’s record with a pumpkin that weighed in at 1,663 pounds!

I’ve been to a corn maze only once. I was with three of the smartest people ever, but we still got lost about 40 times. Though it was in broad daylight, I was still afraid, remembering every single scary movie I’d ever watched.

Each twist and turn took us deeper and deeper into the bowels of the corn maze. (Does a corn maze have “bowels”?) Finally, after an hour, we gave up and made our way back to the entrance.

I spoke to Mr. Slone this week about the maze. Naturally, I had questions. I mean, how does someone do that? He explained that he had to have the plan early on — before the corn had grown very high. While it was just a foot tall, he made the pattern with his weed-eater. Then the corn grew exactly where he wanted it to.

Still pondering his words, he pulled out his cell phone and showed me an aerial photo of the maze. It was so cool! I could clearly see the pattern of the entire maze. In the center, there was a Jack o’ Lantern face cut right into the corn. You can’t make it out from the ground — only from above.

He was concerned that my seeing the pattern would make the maze easy to navigate. I assured him it absolutely would not. The corn is now several feet high, and I will only be able to see a few feet in front of me. There will be many twists and turns, so I’ll be lucky to get out at all.

I can’t help connecting the corn maze and its maker/designer to my own life and my Heavenly Father.

Before I was born, He had a plan for me. My story consists of many twists and turns — some good choices, some bad. While I’ve often wanted to see the whole picture or part of the picture more clearly, I have to trust that God — in heaven — knows exactly what He is doing. His eye is on me, just as it was on Hagar in the desert (Genesis 16). There in that scary place, Hagar gave God the name El Roi, which means “You are the God Who Sees Me”.

Because God sees me and cares for me, I can courageously take one step at a time, one day at a time, even though I can’t see the whole picture. Later, I will look back and say, “Oh, yeah! Now I see what You were doing!”

Proverbs 3:5-6 gives us insight to the maze of human life. “Trust in the LORD with all your heart…” Even when we can’t see the plan. “Don’t lean on your own understanding…” We can’t figure out everything on our own. “In all your ways acknowledge Him…” Make Him numero uno. “And He will direct your paths…” He knows the plan and wants to lead us the best way.

Until we see all the pieces fall into place, we can trust our a-maze-ing Heavenly Father!

Dawn Reed writes a weekly column for HD Media. She can be contacted at preacherswife7@yahoo.com.

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