When I was a kid, Halloween was one of the greatest days of the year! I still love it!

On Halloween, we could pretend to be anything we dreamed of. That was the best thing EVER! We could be a superhero, a princess, a fireman, policeman, nurse, a doctor or even something scary.

Halloween can be controversial. Some say it’s the devil’s holiday and evil prowls the earth on that night. (If you haven’t watched the news lately, evil is rampant and not just on October 31st.)

I feel like I have a choice about Halloween. Plan A: I can denounce the holiday, claiming justifiably that is comes from bad origins. I can turn off my porch light and not give out a single piece of sugary candy that will no doubt cause a cavity, or Plan B: I can use this less than glorious holiday to reach out to the lost and un-churched.

I choose Plan B! We do Trunk or Treat at church on trick or treat night, and the public is invited. Vehicles are parked all over the church lot and decorated, with many of the adults dressed up to match their theme. Candy snacks are given out.

We have lots of cars and trucks, so kids get quite a load of candy. But the best part is each “trunk” gives out a Bible verse with their treat.

When the kids get home and dump their candy out, they have a bunch of cool Bible verses to read. (If they can’t read, then they have to ask their parents to read each one to them. BINGO! We reached the parents!)

So far for Trunk of Treat, I was a bat, Lazarus in full mummy costume, a farmer with live chickens and dressed in all UK while my dad was all U of L. Once we were Christmas presents! Last year I was a spider, and our team had a blow-up spider that was as big as a carport! We used Psalm 56:3 on cards and gave out spider rings. I can’t tell you what I will be this year because I want it to be a surprise! My goal is to not speak so no one will know who I am. (Odds are against that.)

Several churches in our area have Trunk or Treat these days, and I’m so glad! It’s a fun, safe way to bring kids joy, feed them lots of candy and then send them home with their parents. Seriously, this holiday can be used for good, and it’s a simple way to encourage kids with God’s Word.

I can remember one Halloween night almost 50 years ago. My sister and I Trick or Treated around the bottom where we lived. When we got to the Cochrans’ house, Mrs. Cochran said, “Oh, it’s Teri and Dawn!” like we were somebody important. She took us in to her kitchen and gave us a homemade treat. (It was 1970. People did that.) I can’t remember what the treat was, but I will NEVER EVER forget how special she made me feel!

Life for many kids these days is difficult and complicated. When they leave our church parking, I hope the Trick or Treaters feel the same way I did when I left Mrs. Cochran’s house!

Dawn Reed writes a weekly column for HD Media. She can be contacted at preacherswife7@yahoo.com.