This week I had the privilege of attending the Kentucky Baptist Convention in Lexington.

It’s the one time of the year when Southern Baptist preachers all over the state get together to conduct one humongous business meeting. There’s also a Pastors Conference and a luncheon for Ministers’ Wives.

Going to the KBC is a unique opportunity. We see many of our partners in sharing the gospel. If you’ve never been, it’s like Thanksgiving or a family reunion. You see lots of people you already know, and then find a bunch you didn’t realize you were connected to!

Sitting in the sanctuary, I looked over those gathered. I saw men and women of all ages, colors and sizes. They were pastors and wives committed to serving the Lord. Silver- and white-haired saints were mingled among those with no hair at all. Some pastors walked with canes, and some were on walkers — having served faithfully for decades. Others there were young, spry and excited — pastors just starting out. They carried leather bags and big smiles. All had surrendered to be used by God in whatever way He chose. Each one was a working part of the body of Christ!

During the two days, business was conducted as usual but an emphasis was on evangelism. Todd Gray, the new KBC executive director and treasurer, shared, “These are challenging days. Our country is facing challenging days, and our culture doesn’t seem to care. … This is not the time to huddle up and enjoy each other’s company.” He went on to say that 80% of our population will not be in church on any given Sunday, “That’s 3.6 million, each of whom has a name…” he said. “It’s time for us to join together and partner together to reach Kentucky for Christ!” Shew and praise the Lord! That’s when I wished I could whistle really loud!

In the Kentucky Baptist Convention, we ARE partners! It doesn’t matter the size of the church, the number involved in the ministry group, or the years served … each one is important! We are all called to reach the world with the life-saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!

Each year, we see faces from the past. That’s always so much fun! We connect with preachers we know and love, our state and regional mission strategists, evangelism and convention leaders and many others. We hugged friends and fellow laborers in the ministry — too many to name — and made new connections.

I talked to a sweet young lady named Abby who was helping with the coffee station. After asking her several questions, I realized I had known her when she was a little girl and knew her parents from back home! She is now serving with the Baptist Campus Ministry at UK, trying to reach college students with the gospel. What a wonderful thing! She is all grown up and serving the Lord!

If you know Jesus as your Savior, you are a part of His body and He has a mission for you! He has uniquely gifted you, whether you realize it or not. He can use those gifts, your passions, personality and even your past to advance His kingdom!

There are so many parts of the body of Christ. If we all work together, we can reach Kentucky, the nation AND the world for Christ!

Dawn Reed writes a weekly column for HD Media. She can be contacted at