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Many years ago, there was a woman who had a problem. It was a big problem, a life-changing one. It came between her and her family. She’d lost them and everything else.

She had tried to get better. Had asked for help, been to doctors and such. She’d spent every penny she had but ended up worse than ever. After more than a decade, she was on her last legs. If something didn’t change, she wouldn’t make it. She was desperate.

On a Zoom Bible study last Sunday, we discussed this woman’s predicament with some girls in recovery. It sounded like their story. While this woman’s struggle had lasted over 10 years, many of them had been struggling with drugs for even longer. They got the part about losing their family, of having no money, of ending up worse than ever. They knew exactly how it felt to be running out of strength and time.

Mark 5:25-34 tells the true story of a woman with “an issue” for 12 years. At the first sign of trouble, she was likely concerned. After months passed, she was surely worried. When it had continued for years, she must have been at wits end. Can you imagine how exhausted she must have felt? Drained, tired, barely making it? I cannot begin to imagine the war in her mind.

Having hit rock bottom, the woman with the issue heard about Jesus. She had absolutely nothing to lose — she’d already tried everything else — so she went looking for Him.

Now, she didn’t want to talk to Him. She just wanted something from Him. Isn’t that like us today? So she sneaked through the crowd to touch the bottom of his coat. Immediately she was healed and could feel it in her bones!

In a huge crowd, with everyone pushing and shoving, Jesus stopped and asked who had touched Him. One of the disciples asked, “How can you ask that?” (Sounds like Simon Peter.)

Verse 33 reports she “came and fell at Jesus’ feet, trembling with fear, and told Him the whole truth …” She was scared! What would He do?! Would He yell, would He embarrass her, or cast her out? They hadn’t even officially met! But there on her knees, she spilled the beans — the whole truth.

Jesus called her a name, but it probably wasn’t what she expected: daughter. He hadn’t shamed her, He’d called her “daughter”! And then spoke the most beautiful words she had probably ever heard: “… your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.”

“Go in peace …” She hadn’t had peace in 12 years. She needed some peace! “Be freed from your suffering …” It had been 144 months (that’s 4,380 days) of suffering, and now it was over. Praise the Lord, praise His Name!

I love it that the woman’s name is not mentioned. Her story is our story. She is each one of us because we all have issues.

Whatever your issue, whatever your problem, run to Jesus. Don’t wait another minute. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Press through the crowd. Reach out for Him. There’s nothing He can’t help you through, or over or out of. Peace and freedom are waiting.

Dawn Reed writes a weekly column for HD Media. She can be contacted at preacherswife7@yahoo.com.

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