Chris Blevins

While driving to Cleveland, Ohio, recently in the rain, my wife pointed to the sky and said "look at the hole."

I was traveling on the crowded Interstate 77 and looking up to the rain-filled sky was not an easy task. Hastily I took my eyes from the road and fixed them to the Heavens. In the middle of all the dark clouds a hole had somehow developed. My wife jokingly called it a portal.

Admittedly I did stare at the "hole" for a moment. I know there are much more mesmerizing events in the cosmos, but I doubt any number of them would have moved me like the "portal" did that day.

At this time I had been writing about depression, hopelessness and fear using the Prophet Elijah as a case study found in the Bible in 1 Kings 18-19. I have advocated the need for any person that feels like they are suffering from depression to seek professional help immediately.

Elijah ran in fear after a great and victorious battle he led for our God. He went from victory on a mountain to running in fear and this act was witnessed by so many. He was out of commission over 40 days. What would have happened if he had not ran? I don't know the answer to this question but I do know he could not worry about what he missed out on by running. He let God heal him and went on to do great things. We as well need to not worry about what we missed out on due to past failures and instead focus on healing and what God has planned for your future. Your emotional healing probably won't be earth shaking. Elijah's wasn't. His came in a still small voice from God after a violent wind, earthquake and fire passed.

Now back to the "portal" I saw. I understand it is common to see breaks in storm clouds.

But this "portal," this round hole of blue that was tunneling through the clouds, reminded me that no matter how dark it may appear to be in our lives God has left a portal. His name is Jesus. Listen for that still, small voice. Be blessed.

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