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If our mind is filled with a world of thoughts that are contrary or even dishonorable to God, how can there be room for us to concentrate on His goodness, peace, and hope?

When Mary was about to give birth and there was no room in the inn, God was also allowing us to see that many people in this world have no room in their life for Jesus. Their heart and mind is filled with carnality, selfishness, arrogance and negative influences. This is why the enemy of our soul has created many obstacles and diversions for the purpose of redirecting our attention away from our Lord.

Secular reading material, video games, movies, cell phones and television are only a few distractions that can be snare traps that can replace and redirect our mental and spiritual focus away from Christ. Having a disciplined mind for God is a key to living a victorious spiritual life.

When we talk about our love for the Lord, there are plenty of ways to prove we are not just cluttering the air with empty words. The call to take up our cross and follow Christ, has everything to do with our level of devotion to Him.

When a person falls in love with someone, this is all they think about. Why? Because whatever captures our heart has also captivated our mind. If Jesus has been invited to sit on the throne of our heart, we are sitting at His feet intently waiting for Him to speak and always ready to respond and obey His voice. Our desire to please Him is a direct result of our love for Him.

Within this personal and intimate relationship is the reverential fear and awe of who He is. This respect of His holiness is the beginning of wisdom and causes us to be humble and grateful for His presence.

Until sin convicts and wounds our heart to the point of weeping, we have not understood the full meaning of spiritual transformation.

The term lukewarm is mentioned in Revelation chapter three and is a sobering warning for all who proclaim to be followers of Jesus. The true Christian life is not about fulfilling our own plans and then squeezing Jesus in if we have some extra time. This is referred to as, “broad way thinking” which allows carnality to influence and manage our priorities.

In reality, our relationship with God is about abandoning our life, laying down our will and rising every morning singing, “I surrender all, all to thee my blessed Savior, I surrender all.”

Sadly, many have never realized what this means and most have no intention of learning. John the Apostle said in chapter three and verse 30, “He (God) must increase, but I must decrease.” Why did he say that? He was trying to explain that our old nature is filled with a strong love for pleasure and our heart only has one throne.

We cannot be filled with God if we are already filled with everything else. Those who hide behind the mask of denial, have willingly convinced themselves they can have their cake and eat it too. This is a lie from the dark side. We cannot serve God and our carnality at the same time. If we fail to control our thoughts, our thoughts will not hesitate to control us.

Billy Holland writes a weekly column for HD Media. Visit